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Anthony Pompliano, Bryce Hall, Anthony Scaramucci
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Dec 25, 2020
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Episode Transcript
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What is up everybody? Welcome back to Capital University the top five business podcast in the world. If you're watching on YouTube, don't forget to like comment subscribe. And if you're listening on a podcast, we greatly appreciate you write the podcast five stars subscribe and leave a review. We've a very special guest today. Probably one of my most favorite. He's hilarious pop you introduce them. Absolutely guys today. We have Anthony scary.
She better known as mooch. He is the founder of Sky Bridge. He's a world-renowned investor. He was the White House communications director for 11 days and he drops incredible knowledge tells it very bluntly exactly what he thinks Bryce should think about me doing. Hope you guys enjoyed this one. Alright, so Anthony tell us your story as
to how you got to today. Well, the abbreviated version of the story is I had no money pop. My parents were fighting about money in the mid.
Because my dad got his hours cut back on its job. He was crane operator and was tremendous anxiety in the house. So I went out and got a newspaper route and then I went to go work at the local Key Food. Would you like a supermarket? And then I had a part-time job at my uncle's motorcycle shop and I was in full hustle at the age of 14 probably making fifty to sixty dollars a week and getting 40 or so of those dollars to my mom and dad and so that's what happened and then my father was weighing.
Fox as he got older for the construction company it was at and he met a guy that was affiliated with Tufts University. And so the guy said well, you know your son is up and coming kid don't send them to CW post sentiment Tufts. So my father came home my older brother. He looked at my older brother. He said forget about CW Post University fuck that you're going to go to the school called Tufts. My father said it's spelled t ough s that's always been a thing in our family like the guys 85 now and so my my
They looked it up in the old Barons book like the phone book. He's like hey Pops, it's not spelled t ough s so my brother went to Tufts. I my father was in like Henry Ford. He's like you can go to any fucking school you want as long as it's tough. So I went to Tufts, you know, but and I used to get a lot of money to tell us but they didn't like the fact that I was with Trump. So they asked me to resign from the Fletcher School of Law and diplomacy, which I was on the board there. So that was fine. I've gave the money to Brown and some of the other schools but
So I got source and now I'm at Tufts. I'm hustling there. I had a pizza delivery. I was delivering newspapers. I was selling T-shirts and I was just trying to make my way through school and I ended up getting in the Harvard Law School and this is an insight for younger people. I was just focused on money, but I didn't understand how to think big and so for young guys you got to think way big about yourself. I thought because they were paying law schools first year graduate 65.
$5,000 a year guys. That was all the money I needed because my dad was making like 33,000 at the time. I was like, oh my God, I'm going to make 2 x 4 my father makes my first year out of school. I'm going right to law school when I got the law school. I was bored out of my mind. I wanted to stab my eyeball out with a ballpoint pen. And then I realized that I could get into money and money management and I gravitated over to that so it's probably long-winded but that's sort of how things came into being but I was very focused on making sure that I could help my parents.
In their retirement because I knew there was no way give it my dad's income and my parents were going to be able to live comfortably in retirement. So the mission was that mission was accomplished price.
So you started off your career in finance then made the switch to political Communications. How was that switch?
No, I didn't man fucking fuck that. I was in that for like 11 days. No, I was in finance, and now I had to make connections, but I have a network.
My father was a crane operator. Okay. So the how was I was I going to get ahead and so I never saw the inside of a country club. I never hit a tennis ball. You never swung a golf club. So I had to figure out a way to create a network and so you could do that through politics. So I wrote my first check he's pissed at me now, but he used to love me. I wrote my first check to Rudy Giuliani. It's my first check and it was in 1989. He lost that election and now I'm tight with him. He's introducing me to all Waterfront. The people I'd never was in communicate. I was the
Accidental entrant into American politics. All I wanted to do was help political figures that I liked raised in money meet the people that are associated with them and do business with them. That's all I want to do when Trump why didn't think was going to win the election won the fucking election. You wanted me to go work for and then these two assholes Steve Bannon and reince priebus. They didn't want me to go work for me. All they had to say was hey guy. We don't like you. We don't want you to go work here and I would have
Said no problem. I didn't give a shit but they did a two step on me. They tried to fuck me and they tried to backstab me and that got me pissed off. So no Learning lesson number two. Don't let your pride and ego affect your decision-making once those guys fuck me Bryce. I was like, okay, I'm going to put are all going to put a world of hurt on them. And so when Trump offered me that job that Communications job, which I wasn't well suited for it. I wasn't you know, what I should have never taken the job. I saw this is great. I wanna be able to knock those two.
Is it depends of any Avenue? And so I took the job now? Unfortunately, I got blown out right alongside of them. But at least I got goes guys out. Could you imagine that like fascist Neo-Nazi Steve ban and working with Trump the last three years I would have been a disaster for the country. So at least I contributed to the American culture and history by getting that guy blown out.
So where does your passion from investing come
from? Well, you either love it or you don't you know, it's like what you're doing with you like you love it. I can just tell by the way you dress with the fucking hoodie and
Fucking post the fake postcards behind you and shit. I know you love it or you don't so for me. I loved it. I get compound interest. Okay. So let me pose this to you. Okay ready? I got a penny and it's a magic penny Brice and it doubles every day for 30 days or I can give you $20,000 a day for 30 days. What do you want
Bryce the penny that doubles?
Yeah, of course. Okay, tell me
why because that would be way more than $20,000.
Eventually over time
while we're getting 20,000 a day 600 Grand but the pain he's doubling. So the first couple days you look like shit. You only got like a dollar twenty eight and then you're getting a dollar 256 but by the 30th day Bryce's 5.4 million dollars, and if you're in the month of July or August where you got 31 days, you got ten point eight million dollars. You see what happens and so if you're smart with your money Learning lesson number three for young people don't blow the money on stupid.
Shit always save a little bit of money Bitcoin mutual fund ETF take money every single month and pay yourself first and then you'll be rich
Anthony talk a little bit about you've got this Unique Kind of balance between being an entrepreneur and an investor. How do you think about balancing your time and your money between those two things?
Well, there's no balance. Let's just be honest about that Pop. There's no balance in your life. Okay, so you're an extreme guy?
Guy, so you're doing extreme Recreation and extreme work. And so you're the definition When I look at your life as somebody that works hard and plays hard. So that's also me. So what I'm trying to do is I'm trying to do everything, you know in my high school yearbook my math teacher, he wrote something about me at the time and hurt my feelings. He said you're going to try to put 5 gallons of water in a one quart bottle that's going to be your dilemma in like I was like fuck him. I'm
He thinks only have like a one chord brain capacity. I thought you know, but he was really trying to say you're going to do too much and you're gonna drive yourself crazy. So my message on that topic is do it do it. Take the risk. Push yourself. The only thing you got to watch out for when you're a young kid is a drugs and you know, and that's one thing that Trump and I actually agreed on okay because Trump lost his brother depth alcoholism and addictive diseases.
Unfortunately, I have addictive disorders in my family. You know, my brother David who's almost 60 now has been in rehab for X as a result of cocaine. And so if you don't know if you're triggering that or not in your body, but it is a disease and so you have to avoid that shit. You know what I mean? These kids smoke pot. They smoke pot like the way I would chew Wrigley's gum, you know, and don't fucking say you don't smoke pot price because I can just tell by fucking looking at you.
You want one blunt after the other so don't don't even fucking try to deny
it. That's not smoke a joint at night at night.
Okay, everything's done course you do. Yeah, of course you'd fucking do is more than one. Okay, but you shouldn't because let me tell you what happens. Okay, it slows down your brain. Okay, and it slows down your operating capacity. And then as you get older, okay, you're not going to be as sharp as you need to be. Okay. I'm going to be 57 on January 6th. Okay, no drugs. No alcohol. You're going to be sharp as a fucking tag.
You'd be able to take on the world. But if you're doing that shit, you're 20. How old are you Bryce? 21. Yeah, so you're 21. You're like my son by the time you have 57. You think it's fucking forever pop? How old are you now? 32 32 32. Yeah. I remember that from our podcast. So you guys think fucking is forever, you know, I mean, but it's not you're going to blank going to cut two farts and then you going to be fucking 57 years old and you want to be ready to go at 57 you want to be up in the
Ready to go. Look at your career right now. You're doing fucking great. Okay, and you're going to go up and down and your career. Of course you never it's never going to be a perfect Arc. Nobody has a perfect Arc. Not even Frank Sinatra you got his ass kicked in the early 50s you needed to get into From Here to Eternity. There's no artist. There's no see somebody that's riding with your profile. That's going to have a perfect Arc. You know, William is a very good friend of mine. And he said to me, you know in the performance business is Peaks and valleys you gotta
I write out the valleys so you got to be in shape mentally and physically for that shit, you know now right now what's happening to you and every other 21 year-old is listen to your fucking podcast is the flaps are going down over the fucking ears. You know, I was just some fucking old fuck telling me not to smoke pot if I was like, I actually don't give a shit if you smoke pot or not. I'm a Libertarian do whatever the fuck you want. But I'm telling you it will have a consequence to your body later on. So do things in moderation. That's a big mess.
Palm Beach would you Humphrey smoking weed? No, I live in New York, Auntie. What would you say to Bryce in terms of a
20-watt doesn't look like you smoked sweet though. Do you smoke a lot of weed poppycock? I really don't
wish it would just be honest for the podcast. He's
smoking it once in a while probably but he doesn't look like he's smoking it it look like if I can smoke it it may just looking at you look like bugs like
a mother and a hoodie and we're
yeah, that's part of the whole fucking Mojo and shit, Nick.
Course when you're out you get all the peer pressure pass me the fucking blunt. Come on, please. I wasn't what you think. I wasn't 21, please. So Anthony. Well, what what do you think that
if you're sitting in Bryce's seat now, right? You're basically you're rich, you're famous.
You got all the opportunity sitting at at your
feet. Everyone's pulling you in every direction. What are the things that you know, now that you wish you knew then in terms of how to spend your time and build companies invest your Capital. What should the focus be for?
Race in the instruments.
Okay, so that is a great question. Okay. And so I'm going to tell you five things that you should probably write them down, but you won't but I'm going to tell you
five I'm gonna run Em Down look watch
this. Okay? Okay. You should write them down. Okay, number one. Okay, people are going to want to fuck you over. So you have to be very careful with your friends selection because you're a famous guy and some people are going to want to attach themselves to you for your frame.
Fame so that they can name drop you and then potentially use and or manipulate you because they'll see you as a young guy. Okay, so people who want to fuck you over so you got to take your screening process up two notches as you get famous, you're going to take your screening process up Michelle Obama said, you know what? I can't have any more new friends. I'm the first lady of the United States because God only knows what they want and or need for me and that's sort of an axiomatic fact about Fame.
Okay, you see you have to take the strainer. You got to make it a lot tighter. It's got to be much finer mesh pump when you're straining. Okay, because that's number one. Okay for more quick things you want to hear him or no? Yeah. Okay. I went through the first one you got to take care of your body and you know, it's connected to your brain and it's connected to your deck. Okay. I'm going to tell you something about pot. It's going to make you dick soft. You want you to be soft price.
That on my dick to be
so, okay. So look at me see we video in this. Yeah, right. Is this going Outlook? That's what your cock is going to look like when you're my age the keep it up because the arteries are going to clog and then you thinks going to be like this. Do you want that? I don't want that for you. Okay, so number two. Take care of your body. Okay, you got to take care of your body. Okay, is that body's going to take you? It's your temple and we're going to take you through life. Okay, you got an unbelievable amounts of opportunity number three.
I already said this but I want to emphasize it you gotta dream really really big. Now. The fact that you're with pomp is a good sign for you. So you need a board of directors for your brand Bryce. So you need some older people you believe it or not. You need some younger people that you're going to Mentor you need guys pumps age. You need a blend of people that you can surround yourself with they're going to offer you honest advice and give you guidance. Okay. Now this is the
Nothing and this gets everybody in trouble myself included even today about to be 57. You got to control your ego you got to watch your ego because what happens is as you're getting famous and you're getting rich and successful you might believe start to believe your own bullshit. I can tell you that every time that that's happened to me in my life. I've had some kind of Pitfall or I stepped on a mantle and mind the White House is an example of that. I was thinking about killing.
Phoebus and Bannon again professionally what the Secret Service to listen to this and think I'm being serious, but you know, they're trying to fuck with me. Let me hit them that's stupid. You can't think like that can act like that take your ego and your pride out of your decision-making. Okay, and the last thing and this is the most important thing. I'm going to say. You ready number five a BPL always be learning.
Always be learning pick up a book watch a podcast listen to a podcast, you know, just something may interest you go find it in Apple's podcast Listen to You by go to the bookstore and buy something that's out of your territory and read
it. You see what I'm saying? Yeah meet
somebody that stress like me like you two jackasses dress like shit. I'm wearing be Oni and Char Vey. Okay, that's only because I was interviewing Governor Murphy before I got on here.
This is some good shit. Okay, and and the point being diversity don't get in a comfort zone you're going to there's great people around you and there's great people on the Earth. They had a lot to offer you a BL abl abl those five things. If someone took my Noggin and kept hitting me in the head with those five things it would have been easier for me and and you put you got a big you gotta think big big big
Big big you gotta dream big you got to live your life with no fear. There's a guy back here. Hold on. Let me show you this guy's my philosopher. Look at this guy.
Bryce you know who this guy is who's this guy
is a guy I recognize the face. I don't know his
name. Okay, so that's Mel Brooks. See Mel Brooks. He's 95 years old. He wrote Young Frankenstein. He wrote Blazing Saddles. He wrote Spaceballs. Okay. These are all comedies. He was in 2000 year old man with Carl Reiner. He's one of the funniest people that haven't fucking lived and he is my life philosopher. But what is
Mel Brooks a relaxed none of us are getting out of here alive. Okay, you just not a temporary Mission temporary Journey. What a joyous lb going to take care of your body because it moves fast. You don't want your body. You don't want your cock away with this. You don't want your cock like the price you want your cock looks like
that because I don't want my cock looking like that,
but you don't want it look like that. Okay. So listen to me stop the fucking pot and improve your opportunity to have an erection when you 57 I mean, this is fucking life graded Papa.
Is this not good advice? It's
pretty good advice. I don't know everything was just giving them that they could have advice or that know we're
going to listen to that shit got to hang out with his friends and drink fucking what that energy drink and shit and he's got a smoke pot. I get it, but stop it
here. I'll stop something. I stopped smoking pot
but not gonna but I don't you fucking do it. If you do you're going to preserve your dick. I'm I'm in the fucking save your cock business. Okay. All right. I'm trying
to help you man a new company. He's
Okay, okay, and this guy is a fucking great philosopher and that that's that. Okay. All right Anthony, where can we send people to find you on the internet and learn more about what you're doing? Well, you know, I'm at Scaramouche e on Twitter. I've got a podcast called mooch FM and Bryce. You should come on my podcast I ask you two questions. Heck. Yeah, pop. You got to come on a podcast. I think I did your pocket, but I got a lot of fun eclectic people on the podcast.
First and then I do salt talks with like I just did Governor Murphy Governor Cuomo. You know, I got my buddy's like my hedge fund Pals on there like Dan Loeb Josh Friedman. Yeah. We're a hundred percent down. Alright. So those are that's where you can find me. I'm going to sign off and take my shirt and tie up. I was trying to dress for success.
I appreciate you for coming on the podcast
man a hundred percent though to you and to you pop. Congratulations on everything you're doing you should be very very proud of yourselves because you treat your
Of the box and you're living your dream. You're not doing the normal stuff. I just want you to take care of yourselves. That's all. Thank you. It's great advice. Love you, man. See you
soon and peace. All right. Thank you guys so much for watching. You guys heard much don't smoke weed or else your dick is going to look like this. If you guys enjoyed the podcast, don't forget to like comment subscribe if you're watching on YouTube. If you're listening on a podcast greatly appreciate you once again, right podcast 5 Stars subscribe. I will see you guys next time. Peace.