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Despite Selling Twitch for $970M, Justin Kan Wasn't Happy

3:22 · The Quest University #2: The Hedonic Treadmill - Justin Kanview episode

The Quest with Justin Kan
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A Yahoo Exec Called Reddit a 'Rounding Error'

0:35 · #485: Jerry Seinfeld — A Comedy Legend’s Systems, Routines, and Methods for Successview episode

The Tim Ferriss Show
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The Forbes 30 Under 30 Venture Capital List Is Nomination-Based

1:27 · #382: Alex Konrad on The Best Stories In Techview episode

The Pomp Podcast
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Kara on Her Interview with Reddit CEO Steve Huffman

2:09 · Disney vs. Everybody, Facebook’s Shadiness, Snapchat’s Comeback, and the Future of Tech With Kara Swisher | The Bill Simmons Podcastview episode

The Bill Simmons Podcast
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