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Avoid Distractions By Fighting Internal Triggers

4:39 · #553: How to Become Indistractable - Nir Eyalview episode

The Art of Manliness
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Nuclear Energy is the Cake; Solar and Wind Are the Icing

1:26 · The Environment, Capitalism, Technology - Andrew McAfeeview episode

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The Joe Rogan Experience
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Create An Environment That Makes It Difficult to Eat Unhealthy Foods

3:31 · Dr. Oz: On How To Create Healthier Habits and Change Your Relationship With Foodview episode

On Purpose with Jay Shetty
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Perspective is Everything (you get what you're looking for)

2:32 · #211 The World Needs You with Gary Vaynerchukview episode

Aubrey Marcus Podcast
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Many People Report An Increase of Mental Clarity While Fasting

0:58 · 1052: Why Fasting May Be Making You Fatview episode

Mind Pump
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