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Clips on 'computer programming'

Learn to Code; Computer Literacy Is a 21st Century Requirement

3:09 · Naval Ravikant's AMA on Clubhouse - 3/31/21view episode

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5 Skills Every Kid Needs: Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Logic/Computer Programming, & Persuasion

1:04 · 1340: Fatherhood, Parenting, Home Schooling & Religion with Ben & Jessa Greenfieldview episode

Mind Pump
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Keith Wishes He Took More CS Classes in College

1:09 · Keith Rabois- Spotting Undiscovered Talent, Discovering Your Comparative Advantage and Cultivating Greatnessview episode

What Got You There with Sean DeLaney
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Our Current Education System Is Obsolete

4:27 · The Angel Philosopher - Naval Ravikantview episode

The Knowledge Project with Shane Parrish
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