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Clips on 'endocrine disruptor'

Endocrine Disruptors Are Decreasing Testosterone Levels & Sperm Counts

2:33 · Dr. Robert Sapolsky: Science of Stress, Testosterone & Free Will | Episode 35view episode

Huberman Lab
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Defecating While Fasting Facilitates Endocrine Disruptor Excretion

2:05 · Late Eating Linked with Fat Gain, New Fasting Study Review - Mike Mutzelview episode

High Intensity Health Radio with Mike Mutzel, MS
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How to Reduce Your Exposure to Toxic Plastics

0:46 · AMP #249 Get Your Health Right with Max Lugavereview episode

Aubrey Marcus Podcast
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Alcohol Alternatives and Why You Should Be Careful of "Organic" Beer and Wine

3:55 · 51: The Surprising Ways Alcohol is Ruining Your Life | James Swanwickview episode

The Genius Life
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