Clips on 'fasted state'

Training in the Fasted State Increases Fat Loss

2:28 · Nerdy Ways To Lose Fat, Build Muscle & Maintain A Nice Body As You Age. - Thomas DeLauerview episode

Ben Greenfield Fitness
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Do Electrolytes Disrupt the Fasted State?

1:33 · Fasting Q&A with Dr. Rhonda Patrick and Mike Maserview episode

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Cancer Cells Are More Vulnerable to Chemotherapy in the Fasted State

1:42 · The Crazy Benefits of Water-Only Fasting With Dr. Alan Goldhamerview episode

The Rich Roll Podcast
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Fasting Lowers Testosterone and Can Result in Muscle Loss

2:03 · 1052: Why Fasting May Be Making You Fatview episode

Mind Pump
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