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Increasing Metabolic Flexibility By Reducing Carb Intake Facilitates Fat Burning

2:48 · 146: How to Break Carbohydrate Dependency and Become a More Efficient Fat Burner | Mark Sissonview episode

The Genius Life
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Peter Attia Is Training for the Centenarian Olympics

2:09 · 1045 Key Health Habits to Live Over 100 & Prevent Chronic Diseases w/Peter Attiaview episode

The School of Greatness
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Exercise Reduces Mitochondrial Defects Associated with Obesity and Insulin Resistance

1:36 · Episode 102: Adam Konopka talks about metformin’s effects on healthspan and lifespanview episode

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In 'Zone 2' of Aerobic Exercise, Mitochondria Generate ATP Most Efficiently

5:04 · SPECIAL EPISODE: Gwyneth Interviews Peter Attia about COVID-19view episode

The goop Podcast
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