Clips on 'second amendment'

Joe Rogan Thinks Owning a Gun Is a Smart Idea

1:33 · #127 – Joe Rogan: Conversations, Ideas, Love, Freedom & The Joe Rogan Experienceview episode

Lex Fridman Podcast
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Kara on Her Interview with Reddit CEO Steve Huffman

2:09 · Disney vs. Everybody, Facebook’s Shadiness, Snapchat’s Comeback, and the Future of Tech With Kara Swisher | The Bill Simmons Podcastview episode

The Bill Simmons Podcast
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The TOMS Mission to Implement Stricter Background Checks For Gun Purchases

5:03 · TOMS Founder Blake Mycoskie: The More You Give, The More You Liveview episode

Big Questions with Cal Fussman
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