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Peter Attia Is on a Sumo Deadlift Kick

1:47 · AMA #23: All Things Nicotine: deep dive into its cognitive and physical benefits, risks, and mechanisms of action - Peter Attiaview episode

The Peter Attia Drive
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How Kobe Developed His Propensity for Long-Term, Strategic Thinking

2:02 · Kobe Bryant: ON How to be Strategic & Obsessive to Find Your Purposeview episode

On Purpose with Jay Shetty
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Sleep Tip: Keep Your Bedroom Cool; Your Brain Must Drop Its Temperature By 2-3 °F to Initiate Sleep

0:42 · #23 - Matthew Walker Ph.D - Author of "Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams"view episode

The Kevin Rose Show
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Marie's Former Career as a Professional Dancer

5:33 · Everything Is Figureoutable with Marie Forleoview episode

The Chase Jarvis LIVE Show
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Ramit Sethi and Tim Ferriss on Apps and Tools

5:31 · #371: Ramit Sethi — Automating Finances, Negotiating Prenups, Disagreeing with Tim, and Moreview episode

The Tim Ferriss Show
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