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Productize Yourself
Productize Yourself

Productize Yourself

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Naval Ravikant, Babak Nivi
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May 24, 2019
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Episode Transcript
You summarized this entire tweet storm with two words productize yourself
productize and yourself yourself has uniqueness productized as leverage yourself has accountability productize has specific knowledge yourself also has specific knowledge in there. So all of these pieces you can combine them into these two words, whenever you're doing anything in business if you're looking towards a long-term of getting wealthy, you should ask yourself. Is this authentic to me? Is it myself that I'm projecting and then a my productizing it a my scaling it a my Skilling with labor or with capital or with code or with media. So it's a very handy simple mnemonic mean. What is this podcast is the podcast called the volume literally productizing myself with a podcast
you want to figure out what you're uniquely good at or what you uniquely are and apply as much leverage as possible. So making money isn't even something.
Do it's not a skill. It's who you are Stamped Out a million
times making money should be a function of your identity and what you like to do. Another tweet that I really liked was this was not mine. Somebody else put this up. This had find three Hobbies one that makes you money when the keeps you fit in one that makes you creative. I would change that slightly. So I would say one that makes you money one that makes you fit and one that makes you smarter. So in my case my hobbies would be reading making money as I love working with startups either investing in them brainstorming them starting them. I just love that ideation and initial creation phase around startups and then on the hobby that keeps you fit. I don't really have one closest thing I have is yoga, but that's where I sort of fell apart and I think people who early in life discover something like surfing or swimming or tennis or some kind of a sport that they continue doing throughout most of their life are very lucky because they found a hobby that will make them fit.