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Joe Rogan Gets High & Flagrant

Joe Rogan Gets High & Flagrant

Andrew Schulz's Flagrant with Akaash SinghGo to Podcast Page

Akaash Singh, Andrew Schulz, Joe Rogan
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Jun 7, 2022
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You need to have someone else. It's done after. Yes.
I am not interested in being around grizzly. Bears,
the bear caught up to the Moose and broke its back. Just fucking giant beasts just running through the camp. It's literally like a machine that
crushes. Moose bones. Oh, gosh, that polar bear.
Smells that man's
meat. Have you?
Ever been to a Furry Convention.
You don't you do it first
guest step, you know.
To start out with a banger. He is the only Joe that should be running this country.
Okay. A man with a
leg kick so hard he could snap lizzle thigh. How
you seen him on? NBC. You've seen him on UFC you've seen him on trt. He is the man. Okay, stone-cold stuck in Austin himself.
Let's go, my brother. You guys have overcomplicated the podcast? You had a good thing going. You guys had a fucking normal, simple things. We need wireless mics. We need introductions and ten minutes of silence before we go. So we can get dead air time. I walked out of the bathroom. And Jose is going. There's really no need for all. This podcasting is better.
It's better you've
overcomplicated, you have
Yeah, we have what everybody wanted to be on The Tonight Show. So you made your own Tonight
Show. Look at this for you. Yeah. Fucking stage lighting and shit Larry, but you kind of did this. That's the thing. But I didn't see this doing that to you. Don't think it's a bad idea anymore. Exactly. This is your fault.
We have a little bit of a debate that needs to be settled. Oh because the
The last time we all hung out Mark was with us after the fight, you remember, we went to the fight in Phoenix and Phoenix and and we sat down at a great steak restaurant. Are they give a shit for this first off and angelfish or something?
No. No,
okay. We're sitting down you get the tomahawk. Yes, okay.
Everybody else looks at the menu and they look at the most expensive thing and they go, I'll just do one below that out of respect for Joe. Who's going to pay for this dinner, as you always do. Oh, I see. What are you
doing? Sitting like this? It goes, It goes
Joe. And then Mark. And then Joe goes all the tomahawk
and the more. It doesn't even wait for the waiter to come over. He goes double it up. It's a good movie. Okay. I don't see where there's a problem. Thank you.
It's old. It's an expensive steak.
Oh, you don't think Joe can do that. You don't think? Joe's got it. We're
having fun. Yeah. Yeah, you cannot think like
that and you been hanging out me too long.
Yeah. Yeah, you sounded super nasally right there. You should never think like that. Okay, it's just a restaurants not you're not buying
Ferraris. Yeah,
but we can't stake. Sweet batshit going to bind Stakes for people because I
Fuck. He's missed a drink. Have fun order wine.
Have a good time. Now. Mark was a little
disappointed that you didn't finish your steak. Okay? All right. I didn't say like
that. Now, you did a couple of pieces of meat you did. Bring it up. You're like man, you know, I could do two of these
easy and I was like, all right. Well if you're going for it, I'm going to go for it. And then
Did not say I could do Tony you, fucking people of the weirdest, things, you focus on state cost on the first thing is what I'm talking about.
Gah, a month ago is, right? You can you change this into like a regular studio? Abandon All the Rules of podcast. That's right. We have rules a podcast. No rules. There's
no rule. Yeah. That's yeah, that's great
We ordered all kinds of food that didn't get eaten. There was desserts and all kinds of shit around that table and lobsters and now I'd be pissed.
If I paid for somebody's feeling, they didn't need it. What do you got to lift? Our go
bitch? Things to be pissed at the world nuclear war famine disease,
but they can't because you kill it. You have to eat it, you know, within a certain amount of time, or it's not good anymore. Let it go. We appreciate you so much for coming. Joe. My husband. Now you're in town for a day. Yeah. I'm just in town for you, man. Oh, what's to be going to Atlantic City? I'm going to Lenny. I brought cigars for everybody. I'm going to Atlanta.
City tomorrow doing Atlantic City with Hinchcliffe and Hans Kim and Joey Diaz. We're doing this new Arena that they got down there. Yeah, so
that's Friday and Saturday. So I'm here on Thursday, just for you Mike. You're the fucking with you, man. And
did you have to move the Lex combo? Was he cool with that? Yes. Yeah, he's fine. He's alleged. Thank you very much likes for doing that. I forgive you for being absolutely shit-faced of my
wedding, as a plus one. He was shit-faced at your wedding, but he was way more shit face in
L've hours of hung out with them. After the know
send me a video of him just knocked out to. It's like a homeless guy. Wasn't
it was brutal and then some weird gig that you guys were at. Yes, like Whitney's, corporate gig. Yeah, I can't believe. Do you even went on?
I'm good. Thank you. You got the same things and just be upset about food.
It was sit around playing about shit. That means nothing. He's not. Come on. Oh, that's right, Indian. Yeah, Indian. Yeah, that's a drag dude. That's bullshit.
I had steak before I've eaten it. Oh, I don't miss it.
No, I don't miss it. I stopped eating it
when I was like 12 and then I just never found myself. I would have like, hamburgers and stuff on accident and then my brother told me Veals dear like an asshole and I just I ate it. I was like, this is not good. What is this? Mad fatty? I'm not into it.
Wow. Is there any animal? You won't kill?
Eat a dog, why not? Because they're cute. I like them. They're fun, yanis. Pappas had this like crazy explanation. Why we have this connection to dogs. They helped us develop our frontal cortex or something because they protected Us in the night. So we have to stay up. So predators didn't devour us. There's an argument for that. I mean, we definitely turn them into dogs. It was basically the bitch-ass wolves. Hmm, the bitch house wolves that didn't want to hunt and you know, kind of like coward and you know submitted themselves.
Close to us and we'd throw them food and then they would bark when other things come near. Its that's what happened. That was the process. A Chihuahua is a fucking wolf. Hmm, which is wild. Yeah, it's like that. It started out as a wolf but through selective breeding. They figured out a way to turn them into chihuahuas.
And why can they breed like with close family members? Whether you agree with dogs, you know, I mean, no, but you complete the same family of do the same way people can you can fuck your sister and make a kid, but that becomes retarded, right? Yeah, but it doesn't, you know, becomes
Chihuahua. It's not that it doesn't definitely become retarded. It
becomes retarded when there's a lot of inbreeding, right? But people been in breeding forever. I mean, look at the English family. The English royal families. Yeah. You ever see those paintings of those old dudes, like, from back in the day on the wall.
Now, you know, all my God, they look horrendous. They all. They all have like, distorted faces and, yeah, because of inbreeding because they would only have sex with other Royals. They don't like his promise and shit. And like their bodies were fucked up, but it didn't affect her intellect. Anyway, oh, definitely did. Yeah, probably did. Yeah. I'm sure how could they run countries? Because they were monarchy there in charge already just like Joe Biden.
You think about it? How could intellect, how can you put in the country? The game fucking count? No idea. What's going on. He
says, banging out numbers.
So that's a perfect example of like if you just get into a position where you're already in power, people will protect you. They want to keep their jobs. They want to keep that form of power because they're saying these dependent on your power. So they just keep you there kind of as a puppet. Yeah, and then the manipulate, that was my theory about George Bush jr. Yeah, they just they had him there and they're like, let's just he'll let us run the country the way we want it. Well, look who he had first fucking vice president. The CEO of Halliburton. Yeah.
They did the most transparent shit of all time. They gave Halliburton billions and billions of dollars in no-bid contracts
do bid. So no one is no one's competing. No one's going. I could do it
for Less, right? And they did it for shit that they blew up. So they would blow things up and then they would hire Halliburton
to rebuild it and he had stock in Holabird. So he was
profiting off of the United States rebuilding shit that they blew up because of his decision. Have you met with people that are in these?
Positions of power. Now, no, never heard of avoided it, but they've tried to meet up. I've had some opportunities to meet some people that I don't want to meet ya. And no, thanks. How do you say no? Thanks to the people that do whatever they want. You just don't respond, you ghost them
ghost, the CIA.
I think by this point in time, they probably don't want to have anything to do with me. But I think in before, like a lot of the controversy in the Spotify stuff, they were looking at the podcast as a way for people to get on there and have a chance to shape the narrative. Hmm. You know what? I'm a friendly guy. I'm a nice guy. I'm not trying to play gotcha with anybody yet. So people come on, if they say they don't want to talk about something. I said, they'll problem. Nope. Yeah. I'm just interested in a conversation. And so I think
I think they would look at it as like a unique way to manipulate public information or Public's concept something. So they're doing that with you, the definitely doing it on Facebook. They're doing it on the news to happen. There's no no question about it. They're doing it with everything, everybody's compromised. Well, there's the problem is the people that are actually doing. It are also aware of it and upset by it because it also affects them. So you got people like Edward Snowden who get to a certain point in time. He was like, what the fuck are we doing? And then
Goes public with this, right? And now he has to ironically live in Russia. Yeah, hide right from the United States, but that was he's that kind of guy because he's an internet guy. When did you know your you were big enough that people could use your platform to manipulate the masses. Was there? A moment where you're like, somebody hit me up in your like. Oh fuck, I'm big enough that I need to start being watchful or weary. I said, just take. Those are like a slow burn, you know over time. I figured it out. Yeah, well was
Like right in the beginning, the early days I have anybody on Holocaust isn't
real. Come on, cries out that people on that. I only agree with this is gonna get boring. Yeah.
Is that a thing you seek
out? Like, I want people. I know I'm going to disagree with at least early on, you'd be like, well, that's the only way to know the only criteria is. Am I interested in talking to them? So I get like, hundreds of requests, right? They all come into the email and I looked on the ground. Hm. Where does it go? Walked across Antarctica?
Yeah, like the one I saw those. I've had a couple of those. I got another another guy
coming on soon. That's done. Some wild shit like that. Like those like it's just gotta be.
Interesting to me. Yeah, like I had Kristen back on this week. Okay. She was a male Navy SEAL and then became transgender. And then they have this one, the doctor hero and Levi, lady Valor know the one where he was threatening. Yeah. She was threat grabbed a girl's neck. No spear goes. That's not very ladylike.
That's a pretty good line. Now, he's hilarious.
Ben Spiros, a funny, dude. This is Kristen back up there. So was a Navy SEAL and
then decided to transition and become a woman and okay, but just super honest and open and you know, it's so odd because used to be this bad ass dude, with a beard and now she's got fake boobs and butt. Looks like a man. Yeah, like dresses, like a man. Like well, I don't think it's like really trying hard, right? To look like a woman. Just looking like herself. Did she talk about that? Yeah. Is she being? She doesn't try to hide her voice or anything? She's not. Like what's that? The chick from Theron else?
She's my favorite.
Yeah, that's when Jesus spoke to her already. Yeah, I had her on the podcast this week. She grew up in a small town in Texas and always felt wrong. Always. Felt like she was in the wrong body. Yeah. I always felt fucked up. Got no, there was no manipulation. No, no one was grooming her. There was no, it was 100% just how she felt. Yeah, and it's interesting too, because
You got to realize men. Yes, everybody is different. You know, there's a spectrum. This motherfucker doesn't even eat me basically try
it. Yeah, basically, yeah, so we had, we had
Derek posen's favorite porn star Daisy Taylor, right? And that was the first time I had like extended conversation with a trans woman and by the end of the podcast, and I mean by the end I was like no. No. This this girl is a girl. Yeah, we had her boyfriend on.
Who said that? He had done Geisha before, and he's like, but when I'm with her, it doesn't feel gay. Now, if you've done the gay shit, you know,
yeah, no one knows better than to disagree. No, nothing
to do. Whatever the fuck they want. That's why you need to have someone else. What is that? Okay, windshield see smokes. Have you ever been
you have to take the reins after he doesn't?
Last time we smoke, where than coover? And then he went out. Took out. Where's the ice? Yeah. Boy. Let's go. Come on. Remember you just took the lead on a great.
You got one. Who's only, why
don't you drink a good drinks around?
We got single malt whiskey right there. We got Kela in front of you. Okay, where's the whiskey? Yeah. Yeah, I do.
Now, we won't throw me an ice cube is podcast in the new studio sober. Thank you. That's when sobs Jones coming on.
When he doesn't go to jail. I don't
think that's an option. I think the jail is a possibility. Really? It's just money. Yeah, it's mostly money went really good.
Here we go. So it's done after this. I just want to let you know go. No, I just want to let you know, that's fine. You're already high. Look his eyes. It will hit and you'll just know and it is what it is. I like a pressure. This is awesome. Yeah, I've never smoked weed. How will this do it? Are you gonna be perfect. Yeah, you were amazing for you. You don't have to drive right now.
Well, hi.
I feel like I'm in French admit. It's just, it's fine. Everything's pressure, agreed. It would be with you. I'm 100%, pressuring you. Okay, take some responsibility. How do I? Alright, take a big
hit. You're gonna see. Krishna so you probably have asthma because you don't eat me. That's
not a hit. That wasn't a hell. Yeah. That was some real pussy. I should, I
know, he's eating beef
tonight. He's gonna kick it.
Oh, that's a good one, right there,
whatever. Bro. Who
cares people to care about? What people eat people smoking, gotta be bested. The rules are different here in New York. Okay, Joe. Before I get too high. We have a we have a weightlifting question for you. Okay.
Owl is incredibly Diesel with his arms actually, has to not lift weights or else they get bigger. He'll get there he is. It actually not lift weights. Wow, but his legs.
Will not grow on ya. What will not grow at all. What do you do to try to make them grow
squats? Deadlifts really,
don't throw it. All consistently works out and the arms doesn't touch. Yeah. Well, look at Jon Jones and John Jones. The
Greatest girl, Nothing. Jon Jones is one. I was not like that at all. Was it was like
an amazing guide, his girl and everything.
about his athleticism? John has tiny calves? Yeah, they're tiny. They're like almost non-existent. It's the craziest thing and he works out fucking
hard. Nobody works harder than Jon Jones.
Just power. Lifted dead lifts and squats, right? Yes. Times are still tiny. Hmm, like tiny calves, like, it makes no sense. Look a little. His calves are. Yeah, but you can see there. They're so small. And he's got like, literally the perfect frame for fighting because you only has muscle where needs it.
Got shoulders is got arms and
he's got the cat's got
sighs. He doesn't need his caps. He's so long. It's like he's designed in a lab. Like, if you wanted to design a perfect, like, physique for fighting. I think it's John Jones, and he's a master at distance. He's the best at using this gift that he has, which is being very tall for the way class is incredible. Like, for keeping a guy away from you. Think of he fought in Ghana he'd win.
You never know. You know, I mean John Jones is a tough guy to bet against but he's never really fought a heavyweight. He's trained with heavy weights for
sure, you know, one that didn't count mitigated
to and Ghana has the nuclear option on any person that lives. Hmm, any person that lives if in gone, right? If he catches you with one of those ones that he hit Rosen strike with or that he knocked out steep a with or or the Alistair Overeem left hook. Oh, yeah. That Alistair. Overeem was one of the most disturbing punches. I've ever seen a guy get
With, because he was off before, like he went to the ground. He got shut off immediately and his head went almost all the way back. Hmm, like
right land and came back and then he hit him with a hammer fist time
in his head went back while he was standing up. Pull that video up, watch this.
Jesus Christ, fuck me, bro. Yeah, that guy. He did that too. That's Alistair Overeem. Yeah,
like that's a big guy like Alistair. Overeem is the former K 1 Grand Prix Champion, Alistair Overeem was the Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion Alistair. Overeem is a fucking
Savage. He's
really good. So for Francis to do that to Alistair Overeem, I mean Alistair. Overeem is one of the most dedicated Strikers. Fuck one. See how good Alistair Overeem is. Pull up Alistair.
In versus Brock Lesnar San Marcos,
this was back when
they were doing a smell test back then for steroids. That's all they did.
There's anybody past, it's so
ridiculous. When you look at Brock Lesnar and he's standing right next to
like look at, look at the two of them. How the fuck did he pass anything? They used to call him ubering back
then, like he wasn't like a real person. Yeah. He was like a comic book.
Here. Oh, yeah,
his physique was
perfect and his kick boxing skills world-class. Dude. I mean k, 1 Grand Prix Champion. When they didn't test, or when they tested very lightly Alistair, was running the show.
Yeah, I would have loved to see what happened. If they just like this testing. We do any of the other
organizations, not test the bear.
They're not testing,
right? I don't know how they test. They test depending upon the commission, like, some commissions are very strict. Like, you can't pull any funny business in Nevada. Nevada is got it down, pat. They're the best athletic commission. They do the most big-time fights. They have everything, smooth and Polished. Yeah, but some commissions are wild. Yeah. Looks like Michael Bisping got past with multiple times with one eye. Yeah. Could they be doing a good
job? Who the fuck? Let him do that? I mean,
all respect and props to Michael Bisping. Because young people talking about toughness, you toughness like to what extent? What about a guy who loses an eye and then doesn't tell anybody because he wants to keep fighting and wins 10 fights. Plus the world title with one fucking eye. Yeah, that's crazy. I don't want to tell a guy you can't do that. Yeah, and I'm saying is like, I don't want you to do that. Yeah, but I don't want to tell a guy, you can't do that. Hey, why is it? Why is it that when guys get knocked out, they get chinni.
Well, Chuck Liddell told me that it's because your brain is trying to protect you because it knows you're too tough and you're going to take more shots and it knows those shots are damaging you it. So instead of letting you just be tough and take it your brain after you've been shut off a few times. Just lets you go out quicker and do they know the amount of times. I don't no one knows because it did it, varies some people it's they you can also catch someone at a point in their career where they've been concussed and then maybe they've been cussed at the
Them and then they get knocked out one or two times a year and it's a real problem, but then they take time off and they come back and they're good. So it's like is it that they're getting damaged a lot in training to maybe there's lost a step. Are they coming into a fight damage? Yeah, because sometimes guys come into fights like shop, talked about that back when he was training with all those guys in Colorado. Like they would have some crazy-ass Wars and guys would get back.
Banged up really bad in the gym and then they would fight and they would already be
kind of, that's the football thing. Yeah.
It's like those guys are getting concussed and practice and I put them back out there job used to spar with Shane Carwin. Yeah, Shane. Carwin is fists are two of my fist. Yeah, not exaggerating. He was a Preposterous man and Shabbos of Spar that dude. Shane. Carwin was probably the single biggest one punch other than in Ghana Striker ever in the UFC. Shane Carwin knocks a lot of. Look at that was Shane. Carl has a big dude. He
House. So big. He was the interim champion and
he almost got Brock Lesnar. He had him fucked up in the first round and he was on top of them and beating the shit out of him, but he
gassed out. All right guys, we need to take a break for a second because we got to be less. Hi. Okay, and the way that you get less high, but still get hide the same
time as with diet smoke. Okay, we should have taken some Diet smoke today, matter of fact, because it
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All right, guys, let's get back to the
show. You think did the UFC will start to get? I'm good, bro look like candy.
He said let's get paranoid. Let's do it. That was you text me back. I'll bring him weed and cigars. Let's get paranoid. I'm My Own the fuck paranoid, but I call the cops on himself right now. Looking up conspiracy shit, Ru Ru. There's a bus fun. When your spirit these now,
right? There's some conspiracy is I'm sure. Okay. Conspiracy is a lot of them are just made up.
Shit, so I'm sure I'm in a few. Yeah, have you heard any about yourself? No, no, try not to listen to anything about
me. It's just too dangerous. My feelings hurt. Do you still get hurt by?
Not mean you what? I guess. You're human. Yeah, people say mean. Shouldn't you read it? You're like, oh, wow. Is that really me? Yeah. No. Just like it's this, you know, Louis c.k. Said something interesting. He goes, it's just talk, right? Like people always just talk but it's written down. So it seems like it's something more because people,
Read it
like oh because but people have always been doing that. It's just talk but it's now everybody could read what people decide to talk about. You're just saying that because it's recorded well because it's recorded and because of how you're doing it. Yeah, you know like you just heard is if it's just mad voices out there. Talking it's whatever gets lost in the noise, but if it's written, any read it, then it feels more official. It feels more weighty that what you're saying. Yeah. Yeah. I think there's something about it being written down. So
this is just feels more real
thing. Yeah, you know.
No, there's a yeah, Amber Heard started only fans to do see that.
Did you really know? He started conspiracy? Right?
What do you think about the verdict? Well, I think it was probably good for all people who believe in the truth and they're the problem is is like this boys vs. Girls narrative that. I think we all get into on these things, you know, and there's a lot of guys who
I wanted a guy to win one of these things. Yeah, you know. Yeah, but it's just not good to not be honest. And if you are doing that and you're doing it to try to hurt someone, yeah, I'll give your purposely changing reality. You're lying about what happened just to try to hurt somebody, right? You're you're doing a fucked-up thing because you're pretending you're a victim and it's so, it's not as simple as you're just lying. You, you're turning someone into a criminal.
Well, you're pretending you're a victim and it's if it's all not true. If it's all not true. It's a really bad thing. Yeah, it's really bad. It's just bad for all of us. Yeah, so, whether it's bad for with like someone said that the verdict is bad for women and like, that's gonna say that, that's crazy. It's, it's just not good to do shit like that. Do you think it's all know? Some guy beat you up? I don't know. I could I, you know, you watch the trial and
You form your own opinions unless you're there unless there's direct evidence. And other than the evidence of like the conversations, they had that they were both recording which is
vile. Did they secretly each other? And what your wife says twice?
Now, I think they'll die. Think they both knew. So they both knew so they decided to have like a performance.
Ian, you're recording in knowing someone else is gonna list it be. So that's
not a real conversation. Like you're putting on a show. Yes. Yeah. It's a real. It's like yes. Keeping Up with the Kardashians knows the camera there.
Yeah, they know the cameras are there. Yeah, don't get put on a
show unique Kris Jenner on. I don't
need this. Yes.
Why do you need that? I would lose all so. Fascinating. There's a boundary to demon before.
Oh my God.
These. Yeah, bro. Why? Because I found creditor from devil but isn't she just crafty? Yes. She's like the most with whatever resources she had and one more daughter pulled out. That's the crazy thing is is I'm trying to look at things with rose-colored glasses,
Austin shit. Just so much defensiveness in this.
World right now and is so much like what we think of as like things that are completely out of our hands like when you think of things like the war with the possible war with Ukraine, that's completely out of our hands. We're all just sitting here in a state of anxiety. Right? Like what are we going to do if Russia launches a nuke? If some wild shit happens? If China invades Taiwan, what are we going to do? So we're in this like Perpetual state?
Of never feeling. Like I'm just living life because I'm living life under this canopy of danger and doom. But if it's not that's climate change. Yeah, it's not if it's not that it's the new variants. There's going to be new variants coming in January. Get ready.
Yeah. It's like this constant, but the which is we got to be
aware of things. But the problem with danger is when it gets in the Zeitgeist like that. Yeah,
it's takes a long time to clean that out. Yeah. When I
was a kid.
The Cold War days were happening. And we were legitimately worried that, at any day, Russia could nuke the United States. It came super
close, right? Super close. Well, the definitely did during the Cuban Missile
Crisis. Exactly. Yeah, that was that was a little bit before my time. But
that was but not much. I'm
old as fuck, but they, they were worried all the time. Man. They had stop drop and roll or would it would just stop
go wrong with your cover something like that.
Night under desk
doesn't stop. Drop and roll. That's if your arms. That's fire. Yeah,
that's like stop drop covers. I'm sure
something like that but we were when we were in high school man, it was a religious fear. Like when that Red Dawn movie came out. Yeah, like those are legit fear that we were going to go to a nuclear war with Russia and we would all get wiped out and everybody had this kind of anxiety about it. It's like stuck with you and then when the Soviet Union fell, that all went away and for a brief moment of time, it felt relaxed. It really did. Yeah, it felt like, we don't have to worry about.
Nuclear war. We just have to worry about fucked-up Wars. We just had to wear these hot Wars. They're shooting tanks and each other in the desert. Yeah. Yeah. Long as we have to world,
you know, so we like accepted a
certain level of war and now the nuclear war part is back on the table. And I think that's one of the things that it flavors, all of our conversations, whether we realize it or not because we're all under this like steady state of anxiety. Yes, and then climate change what? And it's not saying don't do things about climate change. We took should
Yeah, all this. How dare you all that. Why is that advantageous to keep us in a steady state of anxiety? It's not that it's advantageous. It's human nature to like seek that it's human nature to try to find the danger. The promise. You're not supposed to know about danger with 7 billion people. Yes, too many fucking people. He's supposed to know about danger in your community. Yeah, like, you're supposed to have a small tribe of 150 or so people and you know about everything you can eat.
And you know, about all the people that are dangerous. Yeah, it's 70 people. They
can't Dunbar number. They would, I think it's 1011 50th, but
it's actually teared. I didn't know it was teared. It's the dunbar's. Number is you get a certain amount of like intimate close friends that, you know, well. And then from there on it's like yet 50 people who, you know their name. You don't know too much about them. And then there's like a Peter people 1500 people. You can recognize 500 acquaintances, 150, meaningful contacts, 50 friends, 15 good
And yeah, interesting. I would look at all of that by
someone's gotta get cut. Loved ones. What if you
do, a lot of cool people. We do a lot of cool people. Yeah.
It's got to get cut off from my top 15. Everybody's like bro woman on your top nine. All right, man. So silly is your Myspace list. Just, that's your Dunbar number, bro,
That's the thing. It's like I think we really are only designed to interact with a certain amount of people. I think that's why interaction on social media is so hostile. Mmm. It's so it's not normal. You're not supposed to be interacting with that many people. So you got a tattoo coming out. It's like, but it's like yeah, too much and I can't care about you. I just have too many people. It's too much 1,500. Yeah, I don't give a fuck. What do our brains adapt over time. You think I think they do? I think our brains are going to evolve and they're going to eventually
Whether it's through electronic Intervention, which is the most likely scenario that they put something in our brains and it allows us to interface with each other in a different way and along the way Ilana described it. He said you going to be able to talk without words as narrowly. Yeah. This is his version of it, but I'm sure there's multiple versions. You think you'll see that in our lifetime. Yes. Yes. I think we see that way quicker than we think, I think how cell phones took over when
Cell phones went from being like who has its. Look at Michael Douglas on the
beach. That fucking greed is good. Bitch, ass holes. That no one talks about that. Yeah. Well, no one talks about that part of the beach. Be making phone calls. No cord out here. Doesn't give a fuck. Yeah, you think.
Greatest shape in World politics. Yeah, you can't finish the movie. You've cut it off right before the angel. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That's what's good. It's like Scarface. I'm sad when he dies Tony Montana to live. Yeah. I did. What I said. Never split up again. Let's go. Let's go.
I like that. You went leather. I
always wear this. Once my nice one.
Yeah, I gotta sleep one. You got the workout one. No. No, but that's the what I usually use. Yeah,
and her has one of those but he wears around his shoulder, which I think is way gay. Oh, yeah, that's
well. It's just a cop-out. Yeah. Thank you. You just afraid.
It's like a kilt. It is what it looks like. Man, does not give a fuck. Look at this. This is what it's supposed to look like this. What you've been
working for. This is better. It's better. I can keep stuff in there. It's better. Yeah, it's just better know. Yeah. What about Pockets?
Yeah, but in your legs,
With the bad. Yeah, they found out. She was a princess because they put a p like
13-under just couldn't sleep. I didn't imagine like she's a princess because
her body is so
weak. You put a pea under her. It's all over. She can't see.
What? That's how you can tell she's a princess. Everybody can't even sleep with the Pea under there. Yeah. She's so delicate delicate than a PE fucked her up.
Yeah, that's supposed to be amazing. Hmm. Like, what are you talking about?
That's like the more fat and pale you were back in the day,
like, the more High Society, you are,
if you can afford a gluttony in the face of
abject poverty, all around, you people literally starving to death and you're a slob, you're sleeping on
food. He's
filled gut with
wine. That was that was the first Gordon Gekko. That was it. That was greed is good. Everybody's everybody's like we could just get a few crumbs. No ghost. You've gotten high in front of the whole world is Tai
Chi, bro, you just
Okay, you got it. He knows what the
fuck up. I've never seen you. How are you not high? I don't know. Because he faked it. I did you not get, you didn't accept it as might affect. It was an acceptable pufta job to take it on the honor
System. Depends on how much went in some came outside. I don't know what was in there.
It was one of these.
Did you guys get fucked up at all? From the we labelmark? Love
it? I feel a tad slow but
not like this. He's people look at it, the wrong way. What is what is this? It just
removes a layer of
protection. I feel that we knew you and the known universe. I don't feel like that.
I feel more like I would like the layer back
you'll get
I enjoyed that protection that I, he'll get it back. You're gonna get, you're gonna get the layer of top. Fires are going to waste this account right though. It's very nice. It's a nice couch, looks good. Just
doesn't make you more comfortable. Look at office chair where I don't make me rethink my
situation. He likes. Why, see what I'm saying? Wireless mics, you get to move around and act out. It's definitely, but then you'd better for talking shit.
Well, that does definitely better for talking shit. That's
simply just here to talk shit, but I wonder if Chris
couch would be
Be the way you'd want to interview a
scientist. No, but I just got tits. I mean, who's now a woman? A female woman with huge tits? Yes. That's how I would like to interview them. Well, I bet you probably do your show. Say again.
I'm not going back to would probably do your shoe. You get me, the North Korean.
Oh my God. She has a name. Oh my gosh. Don't make me pronounce the name of the North Korean. I think there's enough.
Kim. Oh you sound like a yam. I'm like no. Is there a do you think
that she would ever come on
out? You own me. You hold me part. Yummy Park stunning stories. Crazy. Yeah,
what else her story is so crazy. She got some crazy ones. Don't you do it?
We send each other meme, so sent me pictures of a dude squatting and I know exactly. He's talking about the super heavy bro. Not she got something bro. She's already of our interaction on text messages for a solid four or five days after just texting me. The heavy yomi Park out to dinner. Me, too.
Listen, you boys getting a little Saucy and it is what it is. You
know, Crashers a
guard. What? Let me get my foreskin. Hey, man, that's a good cigar, what you think about circumcising women take responsibility, for whatever happens.
It's clearly my fault and you get them high crazy right now.
My friend. I'm really happy for you. And I want to tell you one thing that I love about what you do is you find your own ways through things, you know, you find your own ways through things. And I was talking about you the other day in The Green Room at the Vulcan, Austin.
That think about it. Like you can't even say turn your phone
sideways. That's Schultz of shit. Turn your foot. You can't say that
anymore. I agree. No one else can say that. You can't you figured out how to own turn your phone
sideways. I stole it. We did it, we did it, but that's that's a weird.
And then you figured out how to do that. And make these cinematic comedic pieces, while the world was falling apart. No one's doing anything. Yeah, you put your shit on.
All out on YouTube blows up
you. And then you put together. This place is cool as fuck. We did, we did all these guys. I
know, I know there's other people involved. Just trying to tell you what, thank you. What? What you're doing. What you're doing is awesome. Well, you're doing gives me hope because you're doing exactly what with the cameras are off. What you do in the cameras, are on the way we talk shit. When the cameras are off, is the way we talk shit, when the cameras are on your a real dude, and it's so important for people,
Like that in Akash. I really wish you would go back to eating meat.
Thanks. You're awesome to both you guys.
And you know, the fact that you've carved your own show. You got your own vibe to your show. You know, it's like your show is a fun silly hang, you know, but you could talk about serious shit too, but you can flow back and forth between serious shit and completely Preposterous conversation. Only weighs fun.
It's so fun. We're so lucky that we get to do this and who are some of them scientist you were talking to had a fucking joke in there, but
sometimes, but
sometimes I want to talk to them to, you know, I mean, even if they're dry, like, I want to extract like what you need a person who thinks like that. Yeah. That's what's fascinating to me, because I'm so dumb. This is the biggest cat in the world. Do you telling people? You're dumb is bullshit? No. No, I'm dumb compared to young people. Complain. No, no, listen to me.
Listen, they're good at. Well, you know how to play pool?
Yes, okay, me too. I wanted to but I some players ever.
Let me tell you something. I know I don't play pool, but I suck. I don't suck compared to you. I'll fuck you
up. Let's go pay the regular
people, right, or rather compared to professional. Yes, there's levels. Yeah, and I am fucking dumb. When I talk to Elon Musk. I'm very aware. How dumb I am really? Yes. Well, I talked to Lex Friedman when I talk to, but
if you text you on about emotions and human
interaction, if you talk to Ilan about emotions in human or action.
I'm probably you're much smarter than him. He's not dumb in that regard. He's a different kind of human man. Like that's an unusual combination of characteristics. He likes to make jokes. He takes a picture of Bill Gates and then he puts it next to a pregnant man emoji. And it says,
here's a quick way to lose your boner. Yeah, if you want to lose your boner really quick. That's what he said. He pops that yeah. Teapot is the richest man in the world and he's dunking on other billionaire. I love that. No, God celebrate that love Eli. He
That nature of the internet. And the thing that bothers him, is this idea that like one gatekeeper can dictate whether or not something gets released into the whole world. If you're using something like Twitter, like you can have an amazing story and they can block it if ideologically they disagree with it. Like, that's what happened with that hundred Biden laptop. Yeah, what happened with that? Well, they decided to say that it was Russian disinformation, and
That you couldn't share the links on Twitter or Facebook. Twitter said that. Yeah, Twitter would not let you share the links and the link is from a story in the New York Post, which is really kind of crazy because that's like one of the oldest newspapers in America Hamilton. It's a long-established newspaper and they wouldn't let you post. It's not like sambal wild-ass website, right? You know some weird body on being a real website if it's it was fucking New York Post. And so when
Something like a Twitter has the ability. Just tell you what you can and can't talk about. Yeah, even if that thing is valid, even if that thing, what if it does legitimately, I don't know what the fuck is in his laptop, but what if it does legitimately point to corruption? We supposed to just ignore it because we want to own the people on the right is like, that's what we do with policy. Right? What you mean. She met corrupt. She's definitely corrupt, but she's corrupting a loophole where I think talk to me. She's doing a thing where her husband by
I stock in companies and she may or may not know things that would have happened. That would affect the way that company is and they hipster. So rich, they did a thing on her husband where they showed, like how successful he is and the stock market like compared to regular people, right? Yeah. He totally there's no way that he knows things.
She makes like 200 grand and I'm not saying that he knows he's not saying that he's just a genius. Great investor is better than Buffett. That's
One of her, Susie goes down, wizard
puts a wizard's hat on and he finds the right things to gamble on. Yeah, and he always wins. I mean she's worth like hundreds of millions of dollars good for her. She come from under again. I don't think so. I think she died respect that though because most these motherfuckers come from money. They keep changing the rules of the game to help themselves. At least. If you were in the gutter before and then you shift the rules up as like, well, he's he made the climb. A lot of these motherfuckers are just born in it. You're saying that she hustled for. Yeah, we should got there on her own.
Hey, what is it about people that were born in it? Right? Like Prince's? Why does so many of them become like Psychopaths? I don't think he throughout history. Wait a minute. What do you mean first generation becomes? Like a lot of like, like Saddam Hussein's Sons? Yeah. We're some of the most evil people that have ever lived. They would do horrific shit. There's stories of them kidnapping women on their wedding day, like going to them, taking them from their husband. Yeah, right.
Being them and feeding them to their dogs. What that's her. Yes, like for real. Yeah, he's finished. Yes. That's all that's left them to their dogs. Yeah. I think there's a sociopathy that develops or sociopathy. Every say it when you're so removed from any normal human interaction that it you're not. You don't like ever develop him. You don't get to feel bad for people because no one shows you the bad shit. So there's no remorse to feel. I think so, you're just like, well, it's just push this as far as they can push it. I this is a theory. I just came up with
I dare you to debunk it. I think they get stuck in this idea. Like we have a human beings have this thing where we other each other, you know, like if you're going to go to war with that group, even it's like North versus South. Yeah. Let me represent. Can we can other eat? Yeah, and I think we could do that with anything. Yeah. I didn't know that happen with the kids. I thought the kids and I cursed him week know, I heard they were awful. But in recent times kids, I'm just saying in general. I thought like
the, the kids of successful people.
It's sometimes, but there's
There's a few of those instances of evil Kings, right? That's like Game of Thrones. Remember, Joffrey coffee using evil King. Like there's a long history. Okay. Of young men who take over the throne from their father and their just fucking evil. Yeah. Well, maybe they don't have the empathy because they didn't have to earn it. Like if you come from nothing, you have empathy for all the other people who have nothing and those kids who come from everything. Why would they even feel bad? Also, the reality, the just the reality of violence was accelerated back then because people are doing sword, fight it. Yeah.
They're hitting each other with bows and arrows and hacking each other to death. And so, it was happening. And probably like everybody saw it, right? Like the amount of laws and rules that they had back when that shit was going on. Yeah, you see death all the time. Like I think about that. Now, I've seen a dead body like three times my life you so if you yeah, I mean, like my grandfather passed away open casket, but like, back in the day, they all saw Bobby. Yeah, like you're confronted by life and death book ended all the time. You know what they talked about? Like, people the
Expectancy, the average life is because he used to be like 30 years old. You know, what a lot of that is. It's the babies would die
infant death.
It was a big part of it, a big part of it was they used to have all these fertility rituals back then they would do fertility rituals to try. Like it was like important to make more people and they would be worried that they would run out of people known while. So the fertility rituals are like the community coming around to make sure that you have a baby. Well, there's just so many infant death. They're like, yo, let's have it.
Having many kids as possible because so many die. We might run out. I could have been like that. They did, they had dances or myths or stuff like that. But like, that was there was a guy named John Marco, Allegro, who wrote a book. This is the cows, sacred Mushroom in the cross.
I was literally told them today. I saw this thing yesterday with you. Okay, going this weird on Unity. Is there mushroom
gianmarco? Allegro, he spent like, just I think it was somewhere in the neighborhood of 14 years. Deciphering, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and he wasn't
Deigned Minister who one of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the oldest version of the Bible. I think that they've ever found in Aramaic. I might be wrong about that, but it's a old version of the Bible that was written on animal skins and left in clay pots at qumran. So they found these fairly recently. Like I think they found him in the 20th century or the 19th. Yeah. 4647. Okay, so was 20th century and so then they started decipher gum. And this one guy, he was an ordained minister, but
Then as he became a scholar of ancient religions, he became agnostic and but he was still on the Dead Sea Scrolls committee. So, this guy is an expert in languages. They're trying to decipher this language and so his conclusion at the end of 14 years is that the entire Cult of Christianity was really all about the consumption of psychedelic mushrooms and fertility rituals. Hmm. And that the whole thing was a way to hide this knowledge.
In Parables and stories and that it was just passed down and translated over and over and over getting lost, like a lot of its meaning along the way when people stop participating in the rituals, but his belief was and he was an expert in the origins of words and he traced back the word Christ to an ancient Sumerian word, that meant a mushroom covered in God's Seaman. Because they thought when it rained that it was God coming on the earth because
That that was how things would grow back.
So what they? So when like you have no science, there's we do nothing scientific liquid. And then all of a sudden things grow that is life springing from the earth. So
must be God coming on your fertile, right? So here's where it gets more. Complicated mushrooms grow like that. Okay, so you could have no mushrooms and you get out of your tent and then there's mushrooms. Yeah, like literally overnight, they're going mushrooms, so they would eat these mushrooms.
Trip balls. Yeah, and mushrooms in low doses. Increase visual Acuity. They make people hornier. They establish a more potent Bond of community. It allows creativity that is linked to the development of language can read me for one second. We have mushrooms here. If you
want, do we really? Yeah. I'm not doing a foamy scared. Let's fucking go the Dead.
Sea Scrolls, mostly in Hebrew. Little bit of a
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The link in the description to download the app. Now, let's get back to the show The Dead Sea Scrolls. The way they found out what pieces were they had to do? DNA tests. Yeah, they had to find out which cow the pieces came from and then they put all the pieces where the count came from and then they had to try to piece it together. It's wild shed, and that's insane. And I've never read the Dead Sea Scrolls, but the people that read it so it's really fast if that's what it meant. Would you be a
Christian? Come on? Now, I'm joining any
groups, man.
What do you think? That's what is meant. I think that's a real problem
with people. What do you mean groups? Talk to me? Yeah, you joined the Christians and also on the Baptist's, our enemies, you don't like process anymore. Yeah, you know, like that's what happened with the Catholics, and the Protestants in Ireland. I mean, there's obviously a lot more to it. But, you know, it was literally religion versus religion, killing each other. When one group finds itself, they tolerate each other, and then they don't tolerate anyone else. It's the other hand over to me. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, that's that's the history of humans. As crazy. Do you subscribe?
Grab as a hi-8 theory, The Hires it's called a stoned ape Theory. Yeah, that sounds that sound of tennis.
I'm not even funny. Mushrooms out. The best
guy described that is actually Terence McKenna's brother. Dentist. Dennis is a real scientist Like a Rock Solid scientist and the way he describes it. He explains why the theory has some Merit. He never says that, it's definitely what happened. But what is the history of the mystery with the human brain size? Is that the human brain size doubles?
Old over a period of I think is like 2 million years, which is extraordinary. You have no idea what
happened. And so there's a lot of fears my brain trauma. Anyway, come on, where's Mom? This is stoned and theory is the come on jump.
He's back. Everything's good. He was just covered by the money and just listening. It's okay.
Let's go. So, that's the theory.
We missed the whole thing. Yeah, the theory
is ancient primates. Yeah, experimented with mushrooms, and they led to a rapid development and human brain size which doubled over a period of 2 million years. So the human brain size doubled and he thinks it coincides with the rainforest receding into grass.
Plans, which would give to a lot of Anjali. It's that would shit like cows. And then on those patties, they would find mushrooms and they would try them out as a food source because Kilt couchy primary.
You can grow that shit in the lab dummy playing and shit cell phone, you know.
Pesticide in the lab. Yes. Organic just means don't pesticide
wait. You only eat organic know. I hate whatever the fuck I want to eat, right? He ate six Burgers when we were out that one time. Yeah, that is one time. I did. Now you understand why we talk about food with you don't like to eat. We met you to get a hamburger.
Yeah you 83 and then there was one more on the table and you just said, this is nobody's, right?
Because sometimes they leave them there.
Because everybody's just water and shit. We got like giant tray. You don't be wasteful. I think that was a chicken sandwich to the recall recall for Alpha Brain. This is what
we think it is. I think you haven't seen recall and you think that you're dumb, but you're recall. Like, are you one of the guys? You could, you know, exactly what happened in a round of a fight that you watch 10 years ago? Not always, no, definitely not sometimes. Sometimes I get it. Yeah, a lot of time. That's pretty crazy. Sometimes I get it wrong. I'm Tom's like, I thought he did it that way. Yeah, I got. Because he heard athletes do this. Like, Bill Russell could
Could tell you every single play of every LeBron. It LeBron they say can do it. I don't know if I believe it.
That's interesting. John
McVay controlling the football
fighters don't have that. Well, they've got a fox kind of go. No fog, no more. Also, I assume not even when they win, like sometimes they just get in the zone and then before they know it they've won and then they'll watch it on camera. Go. Whoa. Look at that. Like almost like they don't remember what they die soon. If your life is on the line, that's everything is heightened, but you don't remember any of it. It's just, I have to survive. I don't think it's that is much.
Is there time so focused on delivering shots? They're so focused on delivering shots de like in a trance. What am I Theory? Yeah, eat some beef, right? Oh, come on. It's a really good. If you weren't talking about the
toughest people in the world, your maybe you're just scared theory. That would be great.
You look at would be a good fire. Yeah. Thank you.
Smart guys are good Fighters. Thanks a lot of really smart
guys. All I was I didn't say he's a very
smart dude. I have to move it for you. Call actually the worst recall. Yeah, but you start man. I was
forgetting it in 30 seconds every job. Y'all ask me for something. I talked about two weeks ago. I'm like, I don't know
man, but is that the case? Or is it just that you don't give a fuck about what they were talking
about? Like if something matters to you, do you remember still forget? Dad asked
if I read every Hindu holiday means every year
and then I forget the next
around. Well, what if that's something you'd like you is important. What if
your wife is telling you something that happened? Like, I
wasn't listening in the first place. Could you do you know? That's, that's, that's not what you want. You don't do that at home. Seem to have to this ideology. Fucking fault. You got me high. This chair goes back so far. I'm comfy, comfy choices because I'm only back here even
Come on,
it doesn't make me feel like, like sitting here like more casual. It's more casual. It's chill. Yeah, office chair. I'm always in like these little, you know, I can chairs to make you sit up like this. Yeah. Yeah, don't these hurt your back?
No, not really get a little lumbar support if you need it. Cock.
Awesome. By the way, yeah. I love that. Why does he carry the animal himself if he has a photographer? Well because of photographer doesn't carry animals for
you. Yeah what? He could get
expensive cameras. I got throw a fucking bear. Like I just love it. He got great music choice.
Has also. You know, what's interesting. What is in the New York Times bestseller list? Oh, really? Yeah, and I don't know if I'm supposed to say this because it's kind of weird, but he should have the number one book in nonfiction, but Weiss on the numbers, but they put him in self help instead, which is like, it's really weird. And yes, he's number eight in the New York Times on how to books, but he outsold the
One nonfiction book and the number one audiobook and didn't make either of those lists. You think they're hating on them. I don't know me. Why would you like, it's maybe an eye on your kids? Dude, levels. I know, but they shouldn't do that. It's so silly. It's like you have an idea of who that guy is he is super sweet guy. Wait, what's the bad thing about? He's a family man cocks hate that. He's a bow hunter. He's a very manly bow under but you know, he's also an ultramarathon Runner. He's a Savage. I want to go, my psycho. I want a piece of psycho in the nicest way possible.
So meaning that like he's the type of dude just like how many miles were run 500. Well, guess I better pack a lunch. They just keep go. So just go Hills If he if his body doesn't explode. Yeah, if he doesn't have a heart attack and died you guys met across the yeah. He came to spend guy's a beast. You should go. He's with
him. I don't want to enjoy hunting. Never been hunting. You care? That I've never been hunting.
He'll take you. Well, you do, but we can't because I wanted