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Big Tech Censorship, Corrupt Media & the Future of MAGA | Donald Trump Interview
Big Tech Censorship, Corrupt Media & the Future of MAGA | Donald Trump Interview

Big Tech Censorship, Corrupt Media & the Future of MAGA | Donald Trump Interview

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Donald J. Trump, Dave Rubin
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Jun 25, 2021
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Alright guys, big day around here. I'm about to interview President, Donald J Trump. We are doing a sit down. Although it's a slightly different sit down because he is doing it via the phone, the classic style of interviewing from an undisclosed location but before we start I want to say one thing which is that his team made it very clear, I can ask him.
Italy anything. Nothing is off the Record. Nothing is to be hidden or not to be asked. And will I get booted off YouTube? For this? I suppose. We will find out. So here we go. My interview with President Donald J Trump. Alright, President Donald Trump. Welcome to the Rubin
report. Well, thank you very much, David great, great to be with you.
So president what are the chances that I don't get kicked off Twitter and YouTube and Facebook just for talking?
know, I think you have about a 10 percent chance. Good solid, ten percent
10% getting kicked off for ten percent less
than 10% staying on actually you know it's it's crazy. This is a crazy world and let's see what all happens. I think they're over playing their hand but we'll find out about that Dave.
Yeah. So do you miss Twitter? That seems to be the big question that everyone wants to know. That was your thing. Do you miss it at
all? So something.
And that I think you've seen and it's very interesting. I do press releases, like, I used to, you know, the circle goes around and round, right? I do press releases and it seems that a lot of people are waiting for those press releases. And if you look at the of all places, the New York Times did a story a week ago about the circulation of what I'm saying is essentially as big, it's very big and the word is getting out. I did a couple of them today, I like
Cause I'm not confined as to number of characters. But, you know, the number of characters you don't want to keep it too long, anyway. Okay, that's one thing we all learned, maybe from, that know, I think, I think we're doing very well. With that being said, I'll be on social media in the not-too-distant. Future were looking at a lot of options. We had hundreds of millions of people, you know, if you look at, we had 91 on one site, we had 10 and another, we had 36 on another, we had POTUS, we have a lot of people, and a lot of
people on Facebook and I hear it's become very boring to be honest. The here in particular Twitter's become very, very boring. And a lot of conservative voices have gotten off some have been thrown out, and a lot of them have gotten off and I hear Twitter is not doing well and it's lost his voice. And when I started there like 11 or 12 years ago, it was not a success. I mean it was not a I don't know, it was going to make it but it was not a success it became very successful and I think you're going to see, a lot of people are going to be finding out
They're other with there's a lot of platforms out there. That's what we're looking at. Getting the right platform. A perfect platform and I think you'll see something fairly soon.
Yeah. That's great to hear and as you may know, I've been talking to some of your guys about locals.com which is the tech company I started, so we shall see good. So you know, I've told my audience many times, that one of the reasons that I did I didn't support you in 2016 but then I did in 2020 was that I started going back and watching old videos.
Those of you on Oprah and on David Letterman and on Phil Donahue. And I realized that you were basically saying the exact same things, 30 years ago, that you're saying now and what that made me wonder was sort of. Did you always, you know, they would always ask you Oprah would say, oh, you should run for president or not, who would say it, but did you always feel that somebody else was going to do it? And then you just got pinned into doing it because you didn't seem to really want to do it. Actually, you kind of wanted somebody.
Else to do it from the way. I'll
it's a great. I'm nobody's ever asked me the question that way and it's very interesting. Yeah, I assume that somebody else would do it because people cannot be that stupid to be taken advantage of by China. And in particular at that time, if you go back 20 or 30 years, it was Japan was really doing a number on us, and it's all the same and frankly it hasn't changed because whether it's China, Japan or many others. I mean, it's, they're all taking but China. Obviously right now is the head of
of the pack. And I always felt that somebody else that nobody's ever asked us this way. I've always felt that somebody else would do it, and they didn't and it went for a long time. You know, those interviews. And one thing you have to say, Dave, if nothing else I was consistent, it was, I've seen it to where I've seen a recently, a replay of some of the statements and they're almost identical to what I say now. And I was right. I was right, we have now 30 trillion in debt. We have a country that
It is just it's just ridiculous. What's going on in so many ways. I talk about the Border, even then people coming in and, you know, the wrong people coming in, in many cases and you see what's happening with the prisons are being emptied out in other countries and they're coming into our country and I was very consistent, very interesting.
Yeah, when did you realize that you were going to fully have to say what you thought because when I started going to some of your rallies and I'm here in Crazy Los Angeles, I
Going to the Trump rallies in Beverly Hills and it was a joy Fest. Like it was, it was truly unbelievable. I couldn't believe it. And the main thing people would say to me, when they would come they'd say Dave, you know, I'm just sick of being called a racist and a homophobe, and a bigot, and everything else. And I met these people, these were the nicest. Joyous happiest. Easy Americans ever. But when did you realize that you were just going to have to sort of walk through that fire and take those those
labels. So a lot of people think I was going to run like for a long time, you know, they were asking.
That question, 30 years ago, as you would say and Oprah was and Donna, you was and they were all doing it. And and I give the answer that, I doubt it because believe it or not, Dave, I'm a very honest person and you know, I'm not sure that you can be honest and being politics, okay? And I never, really thought I was going to do a lot of people thought I was going to do it eight years ago. 12 years ago, I think probably it really hit me when I turned down a big extension or The Apprentice where, you know the show was a very big success. I
Did it for 14 seasons? Can you believe it? And then
towards the negar, I bought Joan Rivers. I miss Joan Rivers man. She was the best.
Oh yeah, she wanted to come on and they all wanted to come on. I watch Erin Burnett you know now but she would beg me to go to on the show. She was on three or four times. She would virtually beg me to be on the apprentice. And now I watch her hid from, you know, all sides on msdn. See, I don't watch your very much, but I see she's on there and I assume she says nothing but bad.
You would beg to be on as as did others as did many others but the show is a great success and they wanted to extend it a lot like at the highest level that came over to my office and I said, no, I got it, I have to do this, I have to run for president and they thought I was kidding. They didn't want to hear it. They wanted to extend the show. They ended up getting Arnold Schwarzenegger who failed badly, as you know, is often like a matter of minutes and they also during the time they get Martha Stewart.
She failed, but we had a great success and it was for many years and I said, no, and, you know, when you turn down a prime-time show long-term extension, it's a lot of money, no matter how rich you are, but it's a lot of money and a lot of prestige and I turned them down. The top Executives of NBC came over and they wanted to make a deal and I turned them down and I guess that was really, when I thought I was going to do it and then, of course, the famous ride down the escalated and that was it day. If that
It for several down, the escalator with our great first lady that that turned out to be it.
When did you realize how connected the sort of mainstream media was to the swamp? You know, you were talking about draining the swamp and obviously the media was going after you and you started punching back and Republicans or conservatives or people on the right usually don't punch back. Did ya did you realize it was it by the time you were president that you fully realize? It was really was it that first
debate? No. I thought it.
Was bad frankly but I never knew it was this bad and now it's worse than ever before. It's now, it's so ridiculous. I mean, you see where Biden gets up and says, things that nobody can believe, we're doesn't say things and they say, could that be FDR FDR great speaker. And, you know, now it's out of control, but I've always known that they were shaky, but I used to get great press, you know, before I ran for, I guess that's probably one of the reasons I want before I ran for president.
Got a lot of great press. I was getting, I was the king. I was getting pressed like nobody and, you know, I did find but I also understood where and how they were functioning as much as you can. Nobody understands the Press Foley to be honest with you, I don't care how well you do with it. But once I announced, and when I made the first speech in Trump Tower, once they get down from the escalator, I will tell you, I would say, the Press turned, radically different, and now,
They become very corrupt. I mean, they're really corrupt. It's it's a terrible thing to watch. We don't have freedom of the press anymore. We don't have free press or Fair press. We have a very, very corrupt press and and you don't even have to get into the argument. Although you say plenty, you have strong opinions on it but we have a very, very corrupted media.
Yeah, I know. They're, they're long gone, their activist not journalists
the guns, though. Their guns. We're doing a big one in Ohio on Saturday night and people are already lined up and, you know, there's just been a great
Connection to the people. I've had a great connection to the people and it's amazing because when you get virtually a hundred percent bad press and fox is a whole different ball game from what it was to by the way. But when you get a hundred percent anti press, it's just look, you have some really break great people. Who should have gotten the pulitzer's. You have people that called Russia, Russia, Russia. Exactly, right. They don't get the pulitzer's they give Pulitzer prizes to people, that were totally wrong. Totally wrong, it's a disgrace.
Yes. But when you have that and it's amazing that even in the last election, I got far more votes in the last election and did far better than I did in the first election in 2016. And it's amazing that you can have the Press. So against, you big Tech against you and you end up getting 75 million votes which is the highest anybody's ever God as a sitting president. It's it's pretty busy, but what it shows you is that the people of our country, get it, they really get it.
It's pretty amazing.
Yeah. Are you must be incredibly psyched to get back out there with the people? And I know you're doing some shows with Bill O'Reilly and the rallies are going to start up, right? And I mean, to me, it's just that people just want to be proud of America. Again, I can't wait till they start up rallies, whether you're there or not, just to get people out there and holding flags and being proud to be Americans again.
Well, we're doing a big one in Florida. I guess it's July 3rd and we're doing a big one in Ohio and Saturday night, and we're going to start doing it, just to give people some pride again. It's not, you know, it's early.
But it's not really early because people are going over the election fraud and all the things took place and everything that's happened. And, you know, they want to know. They want to have a voice out there and you don't get it from the media. They don't give you a fair voice. So you have to do it a little bit differently and you know, in the one case, sending out those press releases, they get onto Twitter and they get onto Facebook and they get onto everything. I mean, it's, it's been up that's been amazing. But the voice that really gets out or is the voice that the rallies because
Cover the rallies. You know, they cover the rallies because the ratings the one thing ratings are most important, okay? If you get great ratings, are going to cover you, no matter what you say, and we get a lot of coverage and I think it's very important and that's what the people want. Because they love the country. They hate open borders. They hate you, no Sanctuary cities, protect people that are criminals in many cases, I mean, the sanctuary cities, they hate defund, the police think of the policies if people have to fund the
Lee Sanctuary cities open borders. Let anybody come into our country criminal or not and it's supposed to be all wonderful and now, cancel culture and all of the other things you're seeing on the school board's, right? And they're supposed to win. I don't, I don't believe they can win with that, and I'm not sure that they won in the first place. I think they're very corrupt. I think elections have been very, very corrupt because those are not 50% issues. Let's as an example, we talked about energy, right?
Are the debates during the campaign and we're energy independent, but we're not any longer. Now, we're going to have to start buying from the Middle East and Russia and all these other places we were energy independent. Now, we're not because they canceled a lot of deals, cancel the pipeline, how about canceling, the pipeline, but letting Russia have its pipeline to Europe and Germany. Yeah. And it's just, it's, I don't believe that those policies are anywhere near 50%, but I think they cheat like hell in the
Ins. And that's what gets him there because there's no way they can sell those policies to this country.
Yeah, I think by 10% that you predicted about staying on YouTube, may have just
dragging here. Let me reduce it. Yeah,
that's alright. That's right. Let me just ask you a couple of other things go. I want to be respectful of your time. We're never really, were you ever really worried about impeachment? Because I saw you. I don't know if you remember this, but we actually met briefly at Mar-A-Lago. Back in December of, I guess. It was 2018.
And I had seen you speak that afternoon at a turning point event and it was in the midst of the impeachment thing, Dan Crenshaw went onstage with you and brought out his piece of paper that showed, you know, he didn't vote for it and, but, but everybody was saying the walls are closing in. He's freaking out and I saw you that night you had no tie on you were relaxed, you were laughing. Like, were you ever really really worried or even on the second time
around? Well, they had no proof either time. They had no proof and frankly, you know, I have a lot of good relationships in Congress in the
The Senate and in the house, and I will say this, Richard Nixon did not. Now he also had, you know, three hundred tapes, right? That didn't help him. The tapes weren't exactly positive. They were a total disaster, but I have a lot of great friends in Congress. Jim, Jordan and so many others Banks and Debbie lesko. I just have so many great friends and I felt and the same way in the Senate. I have a lot of great friends in the Senate and I
Feel that assuming I was innocent. I didn't feel that they would sell me down the river. And I, you know, I felt very confident and, you know, you'd see a CNN with the say, he's walking the white house, he's walking in his room and I'd be in the Oval Office, right? I'd be, you know, not even, I'll never forget. I was with a group of people. Very, very big business. People from another country having to do with bringing business to this country, but I'll never forget a Dave, where the television was on and CNN was saying I was up in my
My bedroom storming the bed and I'm in the Oval Office with his business people trying to get them to invest in America and they said, well, that's really dishonest. I said that's what I've been saying. No, this tremendous dishonesty. Dave tremendous.
Alright, last question for you for now and then I hope we get to do this in person at some point. This is I never I have literally never done this in any interview. I'd never ask the audience to ask a question but I thought let's try this with President Trump and there were many versions of this.
Which basically is that pretty much? Everybody doesn't think Biden is in charge, nobody really thinks he's running the show. The so the question is something to the effect of who do you think is really running? This thing, is this, the Obama machine is this? The Clinton machine is this something else? What do you really think is happening right now?
I think it's a group of people and a lot of people say, Susan, Rice and Obama. And a lot of people say, perhaps Clinton to a lesser extent, although she never got along with Biden and she's very
Very, very angry. Because she said, why didn't you do that for her? You know, she was saying, why didn't you cheat for her? Because it's, it was far easier because that race was far closer than the race. We just had that the 2020 raise, and, but you have people that it's a, it's a group of people, I don't think it's Biden, frankly, and I, you know, in a many ways, wish it were, because that's the way it's supposed to be, but I don't believe it is and maybe Harris.
To an extent although I don't think she's distinguishing herself with her her border trips and now all of a sudden I said as soon as I announced him going to the Border, I actually made a minor bet. I said, Watch What Happens she's going to announce and right after I announced as you know, she announced that she's going down. I guess she's going tomorrow or something but she would have never gone to the border and I'm going next week. So I think it's just a group of people. I mean, think of it, when he signed those 17 declarations,
It's special orders presidential orders. He signed them, and he didn't really seem to know what the hell he was signing now. He and when you think of them, they were all sitting there waiting to be signed. And they were Radical, they were Radical. They were Bernie Sanders would have never asked. For most of the things that he's signing. This is far worse than Bernie Sanders ever imagined and it's pretty amazing. So a lot of people ask that group, who is it? It's really I think it's a group of people.
And you know the same names but it's a group of people and they get together and this is what they want to do. And they're destroying our country, really destroying our country.
Last question that I promise, I'll let you go. What is President Trump do for fun? You're about to hit the weekend. It's the summer start and what are you doing for fun? These days, besides Golf and I know you're golfing?
Well, I do, I try and get it to play golf because he keeps me a little bit busy, and a little bit of exercise. And it's good. And, and I exercise a little bit, but what?
Really do is work. I mean I work I'm running a business now and very importantly, I'm very much involved in the endorsements. You know, our endorsements have meant so much if I had to or somebody they win almost almost a hundred percent of the time and a lot of senators and congressmen and many others, we just want to North Carolina head of the party and we won in Georgia head of the party. And we want to Texas as you know, and Louisiana Congress and and dinner just the endorsements. I think it's to 28 and 2.
Over the last fairly short period of time, 200 think of that 228 and to. So they're coming from me at Ohio. We have a good guy in Ohio, run a to Good Guys running for congress, and we have a lot of good people running. So I've done a lot of that. We're having a lot of meetings with people that want the endorsement. We're trying to get people that you would like in there. Dave,
I'm glad to hear it. Well, mr. President, I really appreciate you taking the time and enjoy the weekend and I hope we can connect. Again
we will and thank you very much. You've done a great job. Thanks Dave.
Thanks, take care.
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