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400 mg/day of Tongkat Ali & 425 mg/day of Fadogia Agrestis Increased Andrew's Testosterone

4:45 · #521: Dr. Andrew Huberman A Neurobiologist on Optimizing Sleep, Performance, and Testosteroneview episode

The Tim Ferriss Show
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Tongkat Ali & Fadogia Agrestis Can Increase Testosterone

1:31 · This is Your Brain on Sleep, Supplements, Sunlight, and Stimulation — Stanford Neuroscientist Andrew Huberman, PhDview episode

The Kevin Rose Show
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Tongkat Ali & Fadogia Agrestis Increase Levels of Free Testosterone

2:59 · Maximizing Productivity, Physical & Mental Health with Daily Tools | Episode 28 - Andrew Hubermanview episode

Huberman Lab
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TRT Made Andrew Huberman More Self-Directed, Energetic, & Calmer

1:58 · Dr. Andrew Hubermans Path to Fame, Money, and Total Human Optimizationview episode

My First Million
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