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#5 Chronotype Part 2

#5 Chronotype Part 2

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Matthew Walker
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Sep 27, 2021
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Episode Transcript
It's Matt here and welcome back to the podcast, and welcome back to our three-part series on krona types. Now, in the first episode. We spoke about what Chrono types are how you can identify, which type you are
and also the underlying genetic basis of what determines which type of chronotype. You are in this second episode. We're going to speak.
About what happens when you are not sleeping in harmony with your natural chronotype? As is the case with your basic sleep. Need if you fight your biology you normally lose and the way that you know, you've lost is through disease, sickness and empowerment. And so too, is it the case with your chronotype? Unlike morning? Locks evening, types, or night owls. They can't fall asleep. Easily at a
Early time of night, no matter how hard they try. And this leads to the first and most obvious consequence of not sleeping in harmony with your chronotype, which is a significant reduction in total amount of sleep. What we found is that on average morning types report sleeping substantively more than seven hours each and every night evening types. However, will average just six point, six hours.
Of sleep a night. And this is not even for the extreme evening types. Hoofer far worse as a consequence. Now, you could say look, hang on a minute, Matt not so fast, perhaps evening types just have a lower sleep need on average or for some pathological reason. They can't generate more than seven hours of sleep a night. Oh, Contra? Because the numbers I just provided of those during weekdays.
Come the less regulated weekend and things look very different morning. Types are still sleeping around. Seven point, five hours, a night evening types. However will rock it all the way up from the anemic. Six point six hours a night during the week to a whopping eight point, nine hours of sleep each night at the weekend. There are two things to note here. First, what this
Tells us is that night owls are plenty capable of generating a very healthy and very robust amount of sleep, second and more concerning. Let's assume for a second, a 7.5, our sleep goal. For this particular individual with each passing week night. The evening types are going to be accruing asleep debt, so much so that when it comes to the end of the month,
Evening types will have amassed almost a 15-hour sleep debt. In other words. They will be 15 hours in overdraft as it were on their sleep account. And this is happening week after week, month after month, year after year, even the electrical quality of Deep Sleep, brain wave activity is compromised in evening types when they are not sleeping in harmony with the chronotype.
I'm and they will output almost 50. Percent less deep, slow electrical brain wave activity, relative to morning types, in the first cycle of their nightly sleep, and there are many ramifications.
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First and perhaps no wonder upon
Awakening evening types will consume on average a hundred and two percent more caffeine relative to their rhythmically. Well, synchronized morning types, then there are the downstream brain and body consequences highlights, or
I should really say lowlights include the
fact that evening types are a full thirty percent more likely to have developed.
Grave condition of hypertension, which can set you on a path towards stroke and heart attack. In addition, evening types are 1.6 times more likely to develop the medical condition of type 2 diabetes with their bodies being far, less capable of properly managing that blood sugar level and that's in part because of him purred insulin function connected to the powerful relationship that we know exists between.
Mean sleep and the control of your appetite and your hunger. Hormones evening types will struggle to maintain a healthy body weight as a result. They typically on average have higher body, mass index scores, or BMI scores. Those are some of the consequences that we know happened to the body, but upstairs in the brain, mood is hit hardest relative to the morning, type counterparts evening.
Are two to three times, more likely to be diagnosed with depression, two to three times more, likely to experience feelings of being depressed, for weeks in a row and also two to three times more likely to have lost interest in most things that feel good in life unsurprisingly. And as a result evening types are twice as likely to be using antidepressants relative to morning types. Now,
My concern in describing these consequences, is that I upset? Or I worry evening types. In fact, I even questioned whether or not I should describe some of these associations for exactly that fear, but that is not my intent instead. My goal here is threefold first. I want to try and help evening types, realize their true biological nature and not,
Guilty for it, but feel Vindicated by the truth of the science. Underlying it. It is not your conscious fault, but rather your genetic predilection second is the goal of empowering evening types with the realized knowledge that they may be chronically sleep-deprived and in doing so find a schedule, if at all possible that allows them to
Sleep more in sync with the natural predilection with their natural chronotype third. And perhaps unrealistic is to try and topple the ingrained unlevel playing field of societies work schedule which is strongly biased towards early start times and therefore will punish owls and favor locks because it's these current societal.
Is that are pushing night owls, into an unhealthy sleep Rhythm. Now that situation is slowly improving but not quick enough. Society must stop chastising night owls based on the incorrect assumption that such preferences are an option for them and that they could easily get up in the morning if they just weren't. So slovenly. That's all I'm trying to do here and I
I just want to
make clear that I'm not a medical doctor, and none of the content in this podcast should be considered as medical advice in any way, shape or form and no prescriptive in.
Anyway, with that. I will simply say good night. Thank you again for listening to this episode, and we will return in the next episode for the
final installment on krona types. Take care and goodbye for now.