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Advice Without This is Worthless
Advice Without This is Worthless

Advice Without This is Worthless

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Ryan Holiday
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Jul 27, 2021
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Episode Transcript
Welcome to the Daily store podcast. Where each day, we bring you a passage of ancient wisdom designed to help you find strength insight and wisdom everyday life. Each one of these passages is based on the 2000 year old philosophy that has guided some of History's Greatest men and women for more you can visit us a least
Advice. Without this is worthless.
Why is stoicism worth listening to? Because it's battle-tested. What good are theories about the world that they're just that theories Philosophy from the Ivory Tower. Might be good for blowing minds but it's far as solving problems in the real world, much less. So, even in Marcus Aurelius is day, there was a suspicion of pen-and-ink philosophers. That is to say thinkers who had never done anything but think,
It's in the Epictetus when he talks about finding freedom in the worst circumstances because we know he did that, he survived the worst circumstances. Marcus Aurelius didn't get to theorize about Plato's Republic. He was trying to apply philosophy to Rome's Empire. Seneca had no cushi tenure, he had a real job working for one of the most capricious and unstable rulers in ancient history. In short, all these thinkers had witnessed seem to live a great stoic writer and do or himself calls.
Skin in the game skin in the game is not some mythical status either people other than Emperors and slaves and Senators have it skin in the game is about being in the arena about actually doing stuff. Testing your ideas and your virtues in the fire of real-life. This email and episode for instance, is not written and recorded by someone who is stared down Nero, of course, Who besides thracia has done that. But it is, at least from someone who has run his own business.
Taken real risks made it to the top of a few different fields. Gotten married started a family worked on important projects. Gotten my hands, dirty, Etc. Advice without that perspective, advice from someone who just wants to give advice Philosophy from someone who sits protected from the reality of the world cushioned from consequence in charge of nothing. But pens and papers, it's worthless.
Thanks so much for listening to The Daily Show podcast. Again. If you don't know this, you can get these delivered to you via email everyday. So check it out at Daily Stoke.com email.