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High Intensity Health Radio with Mike Mutzel, MS
Waiting for THE vaccine? Science you must know
Waiting for THE vaccine? Science you must know

Waiting for THE vaccine? Science you must know

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Mike Mutzel
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Apr 15, 2020
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Alright, so there's a lot of people that have this belief that I'm just going to sit on my couch and wait for the vaccine for the vaccine is if there's just going to be one vaccine that's going to cure Humanity. If I need to sit on my couch for 24 months 36 months never see my family never go to church never go to a wedding never go on a vacation. That's fine life is just going to stop until there's a there's a vaccine but I want to remind everyone of this and have a ton of literature. I'm going to make a longer video of this that the effectiveness of a vaccine depends on your
host immune system. Okay. So let's talk a little bit about how vaccines work and I want to let you know. I'm not an immunologist. I do have a degree in biology. So I understand immunology and have a master's degree in nutrition. But I want to let you know that I've been doubting extensively into the effectiveness of vaccines given for individuals that are overweight obese or have diabetes and let me tell you there's a bunch of data showing that if you have those conditions back to vaccine Effectiveness goes down. So again, if you're one of these folks that just sitting around eating bonbons having
Do not making the appropriate lifestyle choices that are going to improve your body's metabolism and immune system the effectiveness of the vaccine may or may not be that good for you. There's a ton of data showing an obesity that guess what effectiveness of a bunch of different vaccines is not very effective because here's why okay, when you're given a vaccine the viral and components of that whether it's for a bacteria, whether it's for a virus the viral until amounts of that that will cause you to get sick or stripped out. So you're just getting the
the antigen so that your body your immune cells your antigen antigen presenting cells in your own host immune Machinery can sense that antigen put it on the surface of the antigen presenting cells and send that message using all of which using your host immune your own immune system. Again, this is not some foreign immune system that's given to you. You're just given the antigen. Okay, that's all the vaccine is. Okay. It is the effectiveness depends upon your your bodies.
Own Machinery to then translate that message to naive which are undifferentiated T cells. So again, those antigens are coming from the antigen presenting cells all of which your own immune system has to do the work to then send that message or translate that message to these naive CD4 T helper cells and guess what those those T cells those naive undifferentiated T cells are then and cd8 T-cells are going to then relay that message to your bees.
The cells which will make antibodies. Okay. So all of this depends on your own immune system, which I think is the Silver Lining here. If our immune system could not make antibodies against this novel human coronavirus the Stars covid to virus there would be no vaccine. That's the good news multiple studies are coming out showing that individuals health care workers back when MERS was a big thing the Middle Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome, which was again caused by a similar.
On a virus the Stars covid very first SARS pandemic individuals and Health Care practitioners that treated patients during that time. They have antibodies. So again, there's good news here. There's good news. The vaccine might be effective because our own immune system is able to make antibodies against it and multiple studies now are showing that not everyone dies from this 80% of people that are exposed to this do quite well. They don't need to go to a hospital. They know they don't need to be intubated.
On a ventilator in the ICU. Okay more than 80% of people that get infected don't need to go to the hospital. Okay. So I want you to realize that it's on you. It's on you the your response or I should say you were diet your lifestyle. You're asleep wake Cycles their circadian rhythms your mindset your relationships with other people and yourself are going to influence how a vaccine or the
Vaccine that's going to cure humanity and rid us of all these problems the responsiveness to that supposed vaccine is on is on you. It's on me. It's on my wife. It's on my daughter. It's on everyone. So the onus is on you to make the last choices to compress your fitting pattern so that you can have less glycemic variability. I got this value right here glycemic variability in diabetes increases severity of influenza, right? There's tons of data tons of reports showing that our diet and our
Our lifestyle affects the human body's response to an infectious disease right A lot of people say well, you can't choose whether or not you get infected. I get it right. I can't choose whether or not I get infected. I can choose what I eat and therefore I can I can choose how my body will respond to being infected with this novel human coronavirus or another virus. So I want you to realize that the onus is on you. It's on you friends.
Don't sit on your couch and eat bonbons and think poor me. I'm just going to sit here for the next 36 months and let my life hit the pause button because you know what their side effects or complications associated with social isolation. There's complications of not being around other people, there's complications and look I'm not saying break get into the federal government's Mandate of you know, the stay-at-home order. I'm not suggesting that I'm not suggesting you don't social distance. I'm not saying go look toilet seats and I see you. Okay, but I do want everyone to know
Oh that just because there's a vaccine it doesn't mean that every human being every humans immune system. It has some exert some sort of uniform response. The response is contingent upon the health of the individual which is you so you have tools in your power. We have a lot of fasting and fitness e-courses. We have a supplement company called miles science. If you want to optimize your body's blood sugar support and improve blood sugar health. I do recommend berberine berberine hydrochloride with alpha lipoic acid is absolutely amazing.
I recommend you walk after meals I recommend you optimize your body's circadian rhythms and make sure that you're going to bed and rising at the same time every day. I recommend going outside exposing your retina to to the sunlight in the morning. And in the evening, I recommend hugging the people in your life that you care about. I recommend eating mindfully chewing your food. I recommend not being on Instagram or Facebook or YouTube when you're eating all these things are things that we talked about. Of course, this will again I want to give you tools and solutions. There's many other Solutions and tools out there. We have tons of free videos, but if
To learn more about that. We have courses and links below. I'm going to be making a much more detailed extensive video all about the host metabolism, which is your metabolism and your immune response, but I just I'm in the midst of the research and I'm seeing on Twitter. I'm seeing on Instagram. A lot of people have this Doom and Gloom and tality and this thinking that I'm just going to put my whole life on hold until there's a vaccine. I'm not going to change anything in my lifestyle my diet, but I'm just going to wait until big Pharma comes out.
The vaccine I'm not trashing on vaccines. But again, we need to realize that the effectiveness of a vaccine depends on the host immune system. So feel empowered. All right, but let's change. Let's spread this message that the cool thing about the idea that there is a vaccine and development means that the human body can create antibodies against this and so the power is on you. The onus is on you to make the healthy lifestyle choices so friends. Thanks for tuning in. Thanks for subscribing. Thanks for being here. Let's get this together.
I would love to know what you think is the best strategy to optimize your body's health and your immune response. I personally think intermittent fasting one day a week fast weight training sauna therapy. Those are my favorites. I love bourbon hydrochloride. Myo-inositol is another ingredient that I highly recommend that you consider. So thanks for tuning in. We'll catch you very soon. Have a great day.