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What Does Jack Dorsey's Diet Look Like?

4:40 · The Jack Dorsey Podcast: Advanced Stress Mitigation Tactics, Extreme Time-Saving Workouts, DIY Cold Tubs, Hormesis, One-Meal-A-Day & More.view episode

Ben Greenfield Fitness
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Lutein & Zeaxanthin in Kale Improve Cognitive Function & Delay Brain Aging

1:51 · A Scientific Guide to Living Longer, Feeling Happier, & Eating Healthier with Dr. Rhonda Patrickview episode

The School of Greatness
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Vitamin C, E, & Beta-Carotene Improve Immune Cell Function in Endurance Athletes

2:22 · Vitamin C: Oral vs. Intravenous, Immune Effects, Cancer, Exercise Adaptation & More - Rhonda Patrickview episode

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Stop Attacking GMOs (they serve many benefits)

1:57 · The Environment, Capitalism, Technology - Andrew McAfeeview episode

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