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Sunglasses > Blue Light Blocking Glasses at Protecting Your Circadian Clock

0:51 · This is Your Brain on Sleep, Supplements, Sunlight, and Stimulation — Stanford Neuroscientist Andrew Huberman, PhDview episode

The Kevin Rose Show
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Why Wearing Sunglasses Increases the Likelihood of Sunburn

1:33 · The Shocking Truth About High-Dose Melatonin, Does Melatonin Supplementation Shut Down Your Own Production, How To Use Melatonin To Enhance Fasting & Much More With Dr. John Lieuranceview episode.

Ben Greenfield Fitness
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The Early Days of Tech and Movies That Predict Modern Day Technologies

6:16 · Disney vs. Everybody, Facebook’s Shadiness, Snapchat’s Comeback, and the Future of Tech With Kara Swisher | The Bill Simmons Podcastview episode

The Bill Simmons Podcast
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