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Clips on 'factory farming'

By Selling Out to the Highest Bidder, Politicians Encourage Factory Farming

4:43 · Dr. T. Colin Campbell on the Future of Nutritionview episode

No Meat Athlete Radio
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Regardless of Nutrition Views, No One Is Pro-Factory Farming

0:55 · 140: Beating Addiction to Find the Path to True Health | Rich Rollview episode

The Genius Life
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Ezra Klein on the Ethics of Eating Meat & Why Going Vegetarian Isn't the Answer

6:58 · #208: Ezra Klein -- From College Blogger to Political Powerhouseview episode

The Tim Ferriss Show
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If You Ate 1 Pound of Beef Daily, You'd Kill 0.7 Cows/Year

2:01 · What the Heck Should I Cook, Dr. Hyman? - Mark Hyman, M.D.view episode

Bulletproof Radio
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