Clips on 'projects'
Clips on 'projects'

Rahul's Glass Jar Analogy for Balancing Big & Small Projects at Superhuman

2:05 · Building Products for Power Users - Rahul Vohraview episode


Vishen's '6-Phase Meditation Quest' Helps People Turn Problems Into Projects

3:00 · 116: Mindset Tactics to Become More Powerful in Work and in Society | Vishen Lakhianiview episode

Michael's Sloth Acts as a Filter for His Book Projects

2:29 · #427: Michael Lewis on the Crafts of Writing, Friendship, Coaching, Happiness, and Moreview episode

Cloudflare Wants Employees Working on High-Impact Projects

0:57 · Panic with friends (54) - with Matthew Prince of Cloudflare - Matthew Prince 🌥view episode


Lori's New Therapy-Focused TV Show & Podcast

4:21 · #415: Lori Gottlieb — The Power of Getting to *Unknow* Yourselfview episode

To Achieve Unreasonable Things, Ask Lots of Questions

4:38 · #153 Jocko Willink on Respect, Influence and Leadership | Impact Theoryview episode


Set a Time to Stop Working Every Day

1:01 · How to Build Real Confidence with Mel Robbinsview episode