Clips on 'mental state'

A Calm Mind, a Fit Body, and a House Full of Love Must Be Earned

0:53 · A Calm Mind, a Fit Body, a House Full of Love - Naval Ravikantview episode

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If You Weren't Constantly Anxious, You'd Be More Effective

2:27 · #473: Naval Ravikant on Happiness, Reducing Anxiety, Crypto Stablecoins, and Crypto Strategyview episode

The Tim Ferriss Show
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Like Mental States Dictate Food Choices, Diet Influences Mental Health

2:27 · 159: The Foods That Beat Depression and Sharpen Your Brain | Drew Ramsey, MDview episode

The Genius Life
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Intention Dictates How Breathing Impacts Performance & Mental State

1:17 · AMP #278 Take Your F’ing Power Back with Wim Hofview episode

Aubrey Marcus Podcast
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Music Invokes Emotions

1:43 · 987: The Ketogenic Diet is Making You Fatview episode

Mind Pump
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Using Meditation to Find Equanimity with Pain

4:44 · The Drive Interview with Peter Attiaview episode

Making Sense with Sam Harris
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Separating Yourself From the Monkey Mind

2:55 · The Angel Philosopher - Naval Ravikantview episode

The Knowledge Project with Shane Parrish
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