Clips on 'psychology'
Clips on 'psychology'

Elon Musk May Cause a Clean Energy Technology Tip

2:02 · The Environment, Capitalism, Technology - Andrew McAfeeview episode

The Secrets to Effective Learning: Repetition & Practice

2:29 · The 4 Ways Your Mind Learns & How To Strengthen Your Focus, Memory & Attention - Jay Shettyview episode

When Someone Declines a Sale, Their First Reason Is Almost Never Truthful

0:47 · Ask About the Metrics They’re Not Showing You - Naval Ravikantview episode

James Randi: Crusader Against the Paranormal

3:17 · #405: Penn Jillette on Magic, Losing 100+ Pounds, and Weaponizing Kindnessview episode


Jocko's Advice to Those Contemplating Suicide

5:10 · #395: Jocko Willink Takeover — On Quitting, Relationships, Financial Discipline, Contrast Baths, and Moreview episode

The Root Cause of Our Distraction

4:54 · #553: How to Become Indistractable - Nir Eyalview episode

Rapamycin and Methylene Blue Are Both Part of Dr. Attia's Longevity Tool Kit

1:51 · #267: Fasting, Autophagy & mTOR Inhibition w/ Peter Attia, MDview episode

Using AI to Improve Sleep

1:37 · Sleep Need & Sleep Age: Find Out Yours – Dan Gartenbergview episode

The Healthy Eating Movement is Only Getting Stronger

5:58 · #199 Failure, Success, and Health Food with Mark Sissonview episode

There's No Actual Skill Called Business

0:56 · There's No Actual Skill Called Business - Naval Ravikantview episode

Why Do Humans Overeat And Gain Fat?

5:21 · #63- Dr. Stephan Guyenet- The Hungry Brain and the unconscious reasons we overeat - Stephan Guyenet, PhDview episode

Separating Yourself From the Monkey Mind

2:55 · The Angel Philosopher - Naval Ravikantview episode