Clips on 'california'
Clips on 'california'

California Governor Gavin Newsom Enforces Mask Requirement Amid COVID-19 Second Wave

0:43 · The President's Indoor Rally; Rise In Cases Not Explained By More Testingview episode


Public Health Labs Suffered Budgets Cuts Before the COVID-19 Pandemic

3:46 · 1 Million Confirmed Coronavirus Cases In U.S.; Labs Struggle To Test Fasterview episode

India Has the Potential to Become an Innovation Hub

1:30 · Matt Ridley: How Innovation Works, Part 1view episode

The Next Silicon Valley Will Be in the Cloud

0:43 · Matt Ridley: How Innovation Works, Part 1view episode

Why New York Was Hit So Much Harder by Coronavirus Than California

0:40 · E2: Rebooting the economy, understanding corporate debt, steps to avoid a depression & more with David Sacksview episode


Hot and Cold Contrast Therapy

6:00 · #395: Jocko Willink Takeover — On Quitting, Relationships, Financial Discipline, Contrast Baths, and Moreview episode

All Parents Should Have Six Months of Paid Family Leave

2:50 · Alexis Ohanian: All parents, including dads, should have six months of paid family leave - Alexis Ohanian Sr. 🚀view episode

Properly Pricing Externalities is More Effective Than "Feel Good" Measures

1:41 · Externalities: Calculating the Hidden Costs of Products - Naval Ravikantview episode


Peter Attia's Fasting and Sleep Routines

1:56 · #267: Fasting, Autophagy & mTOR Inhibition w/ Peter Attia, MDview episode

Visiting Iraq as Tourists and Thoughts on Saddam Hussein

2:32 · Jocko Willink, retired Navy SEAL, Part II of II: Sleep, fasting, raising kids, discipline, taking ownership, and the impact of warview episode

The Shoe Company TOMS Started as a Fun Side Project

4:50 · TOMS Founder Blake Mycoskie: The More You Give, The More You Liveview episode