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Adjusting to Changes in the Global Business Landscape

4:06 · Daniel Ek – The Future of Audioview episode

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Now July 2020, America Is Taking an Undeclared Herd Immunity Approach to COVID-19

0:31 · E5: WHO's incompetence, kicking off Cold War II, China's grand plan, 100X'ing America's efficiency - David Sacks, David Friedbergview episode

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Sweden's Herd Immunity Approach to COVID-19 Resulted in a High Death Toll

3:02 · New York Reopening; Hindsight On Sweden's Lack of Lockdownview episode

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Sweden's Herd Immunity Approach to COVID-19 Will Pose Challenges

1:09 · Amesh Adalja, M.D.: Comparing COVID-19 to past pandemics, preparing for the future, and reasons for optimismview episode

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Global Carbon Emissions Are Falling in the US and EU

2:29 · The Environment, Capitalism, Technology - Andrew McAfeeview episode

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The Benefits of Hot Yoga

3:49 · #200 Choose Your Struggle with Joe Roganview episode

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