Clips on 'cognitive performance'

REM Sleep Enhances Cognitive Performance; Deep Sleep Aids Muscle Repair

0:44 · Will Ahmed: Founding WHOOP and the Future of Wearablesview episode

North Star Podcast
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Rhonda is Skeptical That L-Threonate is the Best Form of Magnesium for Brain Health

2:45 · Dr. Rhonda Patrick - New Omega3, sulforaphane research, and more!view episode

The Kevin Rose Show
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Dr. Dan Gartenberg is Researching How to Use Sound to Prime Deep Sleep

4:13 · Sleep Need & Sleep Age: Find Out Yours – Dan Gartenbergview episode

Bulletproof Radio
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The Best 'Biohack' is a Good Night's Sleep

5:04 · 63: Sleep Tracking, Hot and Cold Immersion, and the Power of Walking | Kyle Kingsburyview episode

The Genius Life
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