Clips on 'new york city'
Clips on 'new york city'

Decimated By COVID-19, NYC Sees Light at the End of the Tunnel

0:59 · New York Reopening; Hindsight On Sweden's Lack of Lockdownview episode

Amid COVID-19, Vitamin D Requirements Can Be Met with 20 Minutes of Daily Sunshine

1:29 · 105: Foods and Supplements That May Help Prevent COVID-19 | Chris Masterjohn, PhDview episode

Despite COVID-19, Esther's Son Returned to New York City

2:26 · #418: Esther Perel — Tactics for Relationships in Quarantineview episode

With a Case Fatality Rate of 1-2%, COVID-19 is Decimating New York City

1:56 · Michael Osterholm, Ph.D.: COVID-19—Lessons learned, challenges ahead, and reasons for optimism and concernview episode


Bob Collects Articles About the Best Pizza in Cities

1:49 · #406: Bob Iger — CEO and Chairman of Disney - Robert Igerview episode


Dr. Oz's Journey to a Household Name in the World of Health, Collaborating With Oprah in the Early Days

4:24 · Dr. Oz: On How To Create Healthier Habits and Change Your Relationship With Foodview episode

The Origins of Naval's Passion for Reading

2:13 · The Angel Philosopher - Naval Ravikantview episode