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Wim Hof Wants Aubrey to Help Him Write a Second Book

1:27 · AMP #278 Take Your F’ing Power Back with Wim Hofview episode

Aubrey Marcus Podcast
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Animal Foods Are a Great Source of Bioavailable Nutrients

3:24 · Is the Carnivore Diet Even Better than the Ketogenic Diet? | Health Theory - Mike Mutzel, Ken D Berry MD, Dr. Will Cole, Mark Hyman, M.D., Paul Saladino, MDview episode

Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu
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Genetic Testing for ApoE Genotype Can Be Inaccurate

3:53 · Dr. Rhonda Patrick - Why Eating Fish, But Not Omega-3 Supplements, Can Help Prevent Alzheimer'sview episode

Foodist with Darya Rose, Ph.D
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Tactics for Increasing Longevity

8:10 · Nerdy Ways To Lose Fat, Build Muscle & Maintain A Nice Body As You Age. - Thomas DeLauerview episode

Ben Greenfield Fitness
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