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Stanford's Graduation Ceremony Is Unique

3:51 · 69. Why your company needs new rituals w/Shishir Mehrotra (YouTube, Coda)view episode

Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman
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How to Add Variety to Your COVID-19 Quarantine

1:44 · Mini-Episode: The Big Suck (with Kumail Nanjianiview episode)

In the Bubble with Andy Slavitt
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Because of COVID-19, 'Tock' Is in Discussion With Non-Restaurant Businesses

1:40 · #429: Nick Kokonas on Resurrecting Restaurants, Skin in the Game, and Investingview episode

The Tim Ferriss Show
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Daniel's Evolving Role as Spotify CEO

2:20 · Daniel Ek – The Future of Audioview episode

Invest Like the Best
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