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Clips on 'cinnamon'

Supplements That Reduce Blood Sugar Spikes: Cinnamon, Berberine, & Apple Cider Vinegar

2:57 · Why track your glucose levels? - Josh Clemente, Levels Health, Ex-SpaceX engineerview episode

The Kevin Rose Show
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Cinnamon Blunts Blood Glucose Spikes By Slowing Gastric Emptying

1:48 · Controlling Sugar Cravings & Metabolism with Science-Based Tools - Andrew Hubermanview episode

Huberman Lab
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Apple Cinnamon Tea Helps Megyn Kelly Avoid Desert

0:34 · How To Lose Five Pounds By Memorial Day, with Dr. Cate Shanahan and Mark Sisson | Ep. 321 - Mark Sisson, Cate Shanahan, MDview episode

The Megyn Kelly Show
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Ben Greenfield's Recommended Supplements for Enhancing Cold Thermogenesis

2:01 · Fire & Ice: Tips, Tricks & Biohacks To Maximize The Benefits Of Sauna, Hyperthermia, Cryotherapy & Cold Thermogenesis. - Ben Greenfieldview episode

Ben Greenfield Fitness
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Max Lugavere Loves Magic Spoon Cereal

2:20 · 72: The 4 Deprivation-Free Keys to Weight Loss, Better Digestion, and True Health | Kelly LeVequeview episode

The Genius Life
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