Clips on 'lungs'
Clips on 'lungs'

Avoid Self Negotiation - It's Dangerous

0:59 · Kobe Bryant: ON How to be Strategic & Obsessive to Find Your Purposeview episode


If You Catch Pneumonia, See a Doctor; Don't Treat it By Using the Sauna

0:49 · Dr. Andrew Weil - Coronavirus (COVID-19) prevention tactics - Andrew Weil, M.D.view episode


Does COVID-19 Cause Irreversible Lung Damage?

2:20 · COVID-19 Q&A #2 - Antibody-Dependent Enhancement, Cross-Immunity, Immunity Duration & More - Rhonda Patrickview episode

The Higher Your ACE2 Receptor Density, the Worse Your COVID-19 Infection Outcome

3:01 · 105: Foods and Supplements That May Help Prevent COVID-19 | Chris Masterjohn, PhDview episode

Frequent Sauna Use Decreases Risk of Pneumonia

2:30 · COVID-19 Q&A #1 with Rhonda Patrick, Ph.D.view episode

Does COVID-19 Cause Permanent Lung Damage?

1:06 · 99: COVID-19, Immune Supplements, Quarantine Wellness, and Audience Q&A | Molly Maloof, MDview episode

Walking Improves Your Health

1:16 · #560: The Magic of Walkingview episode